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Hotels in Port Sudan

Port Sudan is a port city on the east coast of Sudan. It’s the capital of Sudan’s Red Sea State, named for the body of water that it borders. This trading hub is now a growing destination for fans of relaxation and leisure. The hot, dry climate lasts year-long, although winter months tend to be cooler on average.

The nearby Nubian Desert hosts ruins of the ancient civilization of Nubia, based out of what is now Northern Sudan. The renowned Pyramids of Meroë can be found on the road to Khartoum. Once you’ve had some dry desert fun, get wet with the snorkelling and diving options available in this seaside town. Keep cool with ice cream or iced tea from one of the many stands that dot the boardwalk. Traveling back to your accommodations couldn’t be easier thanks to the plentiful rickshaws waiting to take you home at a very affordable price.

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If you want in on this hot new vacation spot, look no further than Skyscanner’s hotel search feature. No matter what your price point or special requirements, you’ll be able to find the perfect spot for you thanks to our multiplicity of filtering options that let you restrict your searches by price, rating, amenities and more. A handy map lets you see the locations of your search results for maximum convenience.

Where are Port Sudan hotels located?

Downtown Port Sudan is the home for most hotels in the area. From here you can travel by rail to Khartoum, by ferry to Jeddah, and by air to Cairo and Dubai. You’ll also have access to the best that Port Sudan has to offer, from tasty local cuisine boasting delectable seafood fare, to hand-crafted goods offered at prices so low you won’t believe it all along the boardwalk.

  • Coral Port Sudan is perhaps the most well-known hotel in the area. Here the traveler can find free Wi-Fi and parking, beachfront views and a luxurious pool.
  • Samarmaz is a unique location situated just off the dockyard, so you can get your fill of scenic views of exotic ships that hail from all parts of the world.
  • Baasher Palace Hotel has a plethora of options for the gustatory-minded traveler. A restaurant and cafe are on premise for your convenience. There is also a host of delicious options surrounding the hotel, including pizza, ice cream and traditional Sudanese cuisine.

What boutique hotels are in Port Sudan?

Sudan Red Sea Resort is located just over 18 miles north of Port Sudan. This luxury accommodation boasts charming bungalows each with their own porch and chairs. Fine dining can be had at the resort’s terraced restaurant, which serves up an eclectic menu of local fare, Mediterranean dishes and vegetarian treats. You don’t even have to leave the premises to have fun in the sea; a local diving operation awaits to show you the beauty of coral reefs just off the coast of Sudan.