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Hotels in Kiruna

Sweden's northernmost city is a major center for the European aerospace industry. In terms of tourism, visitors mostly come for the proximity to Europe's largest uninhabited wilderness area. It's a popular jumping-off point for hiking, rafting, cross-country skiing and dog sledding expeditions. It's also possible to see the Northern Lights from Kiruna, and the city is home to the world's first ice hotel (and one of the few that continues to be rebuilt year after year).

Kiruna has only about two dozen hotels. They tend to be very nice, but on the expensive side. The area is a popular tourist destination and offers year-round outdoor activities, so expect prices to remain fairly stable no matter when you book.

Peak and Low Seasons in Kiruna

Kiruna has two peak seasons - both summer and winter are usually very busy. Winter will usually be the absolute most expensive time to visit, however, especially around Christmas and New Years. Spring usually sees a surge of visitation for the colorful changing of the leaves, and tourist traffic usually stays elevated until sometime in August. If you're not interested in snow, the best window for a bargain visit to Kiruna will be from late August to mid-November.

Major annual events in Kiruna include ski premier weekend in February, the Extreme Sports Gathering in April, the Swedish Alpine Ultra in July and the Arctic Light Film Festival in November.

Hotels Near Popular Destinations in Kiruna

If you're planning an expedition into the wilderness, just about any place in the city is good. The Husky Lodge and the Máttaráhkká Northern Light Lodge are the farthest north and offer views of the Northern Lights with less light pollution than in the middle of the city.

The closest option to Kiruna Golf Course is Hotell E10 i Kiruna AB, though it's still just far enough that you'll want to drive.

You won't find any more lodging options to the north until you get all the way up to Abisko and Katterjokk where there are some tourist stations with rooms, hostels and mountain lodges.

The Icehotel is located about an 18 minute drive to the east of Kiruna in the Jukkasjärv area. It formerly was only open from November to March each year, but now has a permanent base structure that runs on solar power that is open all year long, and additions are made to it using ice during the winter. You can visit and get a tour from 10 am - 6 pm daily even if you're not staying there.

Luxury Hotels in Kiruna

Most hotels in Kiruna are high-end. The most luxurious would be the Scandic Ferrum, Hotel Arctic Eden AB, and the Máttaráhkká Northern Light Lodge.

The Icehotel often charges among the highest rates in the area, but it's more a novelty experience than a true luxury hotel. Visitors should expect to spend their stay in freezing conditions that require them to move around most areas with heavy clothing and to sleep in a heavy-duty sleeping bag.

Budget Hotels in Kiruna

Kiruna doesn't have much in the way of true budget options. The lowest rates will likely be found at the Kiruna Hostel, but even beds in shared dorms are usually north of $50 USD per night. The best bet is usually to try to snag a discounted room at one of the nicer properties for around $80-100 USD per night.