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Hotels in Taipei

Taipei, located in Taiwan, is an energetic world city on the rise. In between two rivers, Taipei’s climate is warm, and hot during the summer. Visitors in Taipei are often irked by the humidity and rain, so prepare accordingly.

Where Are The Hotels In Taipei?

There are hotels all over Taipei, but you’ll find the most hotels in the central Zongzheng District. Outside of Zongzheng, there are also a few hotels scattered near the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and the Luzhou District east of the river.

What Kinds Of Hotels Are There In Taipei?

Taipei’s urban bustle lends itself to an abundance of large chain hotels and medium sized boutique hotels. There are also a few smaller hotels, but you won’t find anything approximating an inn or bed and breakfast, even if you go far outside the city.

It isn’t worth looking outside the city for deals when you’re trying to book a hotel in Taipei due to the transport time that going outside of the city adds.

How Expensive Are Hotels In Taipei?

In general, hotels in Taipei are fairly cheap given the nexus of activity that Taipei is in the global economy. Rooms can start as low as $50, and work their way up into the $300s if you’re trying to book a luxury hotel. Check out our deals here at Skyscanner so that you’ll spend exactly as much money as you planned for.

The more money you spend on a hotel, the more amenities you can expect in Taipei. There aren’t many outstanding deals that are persistent, but you may get lucky and take part in a limited time offer which gives a certain hotel an advantage in price.

Most of the larger hotels are very tourist friendly, and luxury hotels even have their own in-house guides.

What Should I Expect From My Hotel In Taipei?

Your hotel in Taipei may be in a skyscraper, but you can expect a view of the cityscape no matter where you are. Your room in Taipei will be clean, perfectly ordered, and obsessively attended to by the Taiwanese hotel staff, provided that you stay in a medium sized hotel or larger.

Hotels in Taipei might have features that you’re not familiar with, such as squatting toilets, bidets, or similar stuff. Likewise, many rooms in Taipei have extended access to the internet, TV, and room service that hotels in other locations can’t beat.