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Hotels in Nakhon Si

Located directly adjacent to the Thai Rom Yen National Park in Thailand, Nakhon Si is a popular tourist destination for its natural beauty and beachfront relaxation. Whether it’s getting a Thai massage by the beach or trekking up the Khao Luang mountain, Nakhon Si is a great place to visit, and it’s incredibly cheap when you book your hotel here with us at Skyscanner.

Where are the hotels located in Nakhon Si?

Nakhon Si is one very long area that sits between the ocean and the Khao Luang mountain ranges. As such, you might expect that there would be hotels all along the beach in Nakhon Si, but as it turns out, hotels are tightly clustered at two spots.

The first spot is far in the north beyond the end of the mountain range and includes several resorts and other high-end fare. The second and more major cluster of hotels in Nakhon Si is in the south, at the foot of Khao Luang. Most of the hotels in Nakhon Si are on route 4012 or route 4013, which are parallel to each other.

The single area with the most hotels is where the mountain’s cut through road, route 4016, intersects with both route 4012 and route 4013 at a right angle. Here, you’ll find roughly the center of Nakhon Si as well as many hotel options.

What prices are hotels in Nakhon Si?

Hotels in Nakhon Si are extremely inexpensive, as is everything else in Thailand. Expect to pay less than $20 for a hotel room for a night. You should also expect that in a relatively remote location like Nakhon Si, there won’t be any international hotel chains to stay at. Get ready to get comfortable in an authentic Thai small or medium-sized hotels.

Where can I find unique hotel types in Nakhon Si?

Many of the hotels in Nakhon Si are unique, with aesthetics ranging from futuristic honeycombs like at the MD Grand Hotel to more traditional Thai austerity like at the Grand Park hotel. You can also stay at some hotels in Nakhon Si which mimic pagodas, though their authenticity varies from spot to spot.

What should I expect from my hotel in Nakhon Si?

Your room may or may not be cleaned daily at your hotel room in Nakhon Si, and you may need to ask for things like more hot water or breakfast if you want them. You should also be aware that most of the bathrooms in Nakhon Si are unlike Western bathrooms—just look up Thai style toilets to get an idea of what you’re getting into.

The water may not be safe to drink in Nakhon Si, so either boil it or buy bottled water as most of the locals do. Finally, if you decide to sample the local food—which you should because Thai food is delicious—don’t be surprised if you get sick afterward. Nakhon Si is a rural area, and hygiene standards for food are different as a result. You’ll be fine.