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Hotels in Istanbul

Istanbul’s historic location along the Bosporus strait unites ancient empires with a modern, bustling city. As the jewel of Turkey’s culture and history, Istanbul’s streetcars and domed mosques are unlike any other. Istanbul is a popular tourist destination despite the sometimes challenging local culture and language barriers.

Where Are The Hotels In Istanbul?

Hotels in Istanbul are concentrated in the eastern part of the city’s peninsula, west and south of the Gulhane Park. Though there are other places where hotels concentrate in the region, you’ll probably want to stick to the hotels in the main part of Istanbul as transport across bridges can be tediously slow depending on the traffic.

Are The Hotels In Istanbul Expensive?

In general, hotels in Istanbul are on the cheap side. Luxury hotels and boutique hotels are easy to book, and you’ll get a great deal from either. The large chain hotels are probably the worst value in the city, though they’re guaranteed to have some measure of tourist-friendliness which the others might not. Be sure to check the prices of each hotel that you’re interested in here at Skyscanner so that we can get you a good deal on whatever you decide that you want to book.

What Can I Expect From My Hotel In Istanbul?

Hotel rooms in Istanbul are on the small side, but you can expect your hotel room to be clean, beautiful, and fixed with some Turkish trinkets like a Turkish coffee set or shisha pipe. If your hotel has these items on display along with a small amount of coffee or tobacco, it’s considered to be included in the price of the room, so don’t be afraid to partake.

These extras aren’t related to the price of the hotel room, as many Turks view their inclusion as simple hospitality. Most mid-sized hotels of Turkish origin will include a Turkish bath, which is a type of spa. Turkish baths are far more common to find in Istanbul’s hotels than other amenities like pools or parking.

On the note of Turkish hospitality, you can expect to be prompted for your reaction to the hotel room’s quality when encountering maids, concierges, or other hotel staffs. You’re more likely to experience this treatment if you’re visibly a tourist, but maintaining a high standard of quality and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of the employees’ priorities at any Turkish hotel.

What Should I Do In Istanbul?

Istanbul is one of Europe’s cultural capitals and is rich with history. Enjoy the architecture, local food, performance arts, Turkish barbers, and the uniquely Turkish bustling about the narrow streets. Istanbul’s nightlife is also legendary, so be sure to check it out.