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If you find yourself passing through northern Turkmenistan, you’ll probably be making a stop in Dasoguz. Dasoguz is a small historical city which is the capital of its similarly named province and was a stop along the Silk Road in the old ages.

Modern Dashoguz isn’t the easiest spot for tourists to navigate, which is why you should check in here with us at Skyscanner when it comes time to book your trip. We’ll give you the information and tips you need to flourish during your stop along this historic city’s trails.

Where are hotels in Dashoguz?

Most the hotels in Dashoguz are located in the downtown area, and all are within sight of the Ferris wheel that’s approximately at the center of the city. Dashoguz is quite small and is very walkable, though the streets are very dirty. Cab services are a popular way of getting around.

Can I find a five-star hotel in Dashoguz?

In short, no. There are a couple of very nice hotels in Dashoguz such as the Dashouz hotel, but they aren’t rated with international stars. There are also a number of average price and average quality hotels, so don’t worry about being forced to book an expensive hotel.

If anything, there aren’t too many extremely low budget hotel choices in Dashoguz, although this picture may be different on AirBnB or similar services. In short, the half-dozen hotels that you can choose from in Dashoguz are what you get unless you’re willing to travel 20km outside of the city limits.

Can I book a specific hotel/hotel brand?

The selection of hotels within Dashoguz is quite limited, so you won’t be able to have any real brand preferences. There aren’t even any Turkmeni branded hotels in Dashoguz, so your only choices are the local options.

What should I expect from my hotel in Dashoguz?

If you book your hotel with an expensive and modern hotel like the Dashouz hotel, you can expect a standard set of amenities like room service, maid service, television, internet access, a minifridge, a pool, and a gym.

The expensive hotels in Dashoguz offer electricity 24/7, which may not be the case in other areas of Dashoguz. Be sure to appreciate all of the services that your hotel offers that are different from the local standard of living, as in Dashoguz they’re quite substantial.

At these large and modern hotels, you’ll have concierge service and shuttle service, though you’ll have a very hard time finding anyone that speaks any English. If you happen to speak any Russian, you’ll have much better luck finding someone with a shared language, although even Russian speakers may struggle in Dashogouz.

If you decide to book in one of the smaller and less internationalized hotels, your experience with amenities may vary drastically. The farther the hotel is from the downtown area, the more likely that you’ll be booking a hotel which may have questionable standards in terms of cleanliness, and that may not have the best set of amenities.


The least expensive month is June, with an average of $16 per night. The most expensive month to stay in Dashoguz is January, with an average price of $99 per night.
The average price of a hotel in July last year was $34 per night. This is 11% less than the average nightly price of $38 seen over the previous 12 months.
The nearest airport to Dashoguz is Dashoguz (TAZ) (0.00 miles).

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