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Hotels in Bristol

Bristol is one of the UK’s premier tourist destinations and offers the beautiful architecture reminiscent of the British Empire with the modernity of a university city. Bristol is rich in culture, a hub of business, and a treasure trove of historical landmarks for tourists to enjoy.

As a popular tourist destination, Bristol can get quite expensive as far as hotels go, so be sure to book with us here at Skyscanner before you depart on your trip to get the best deal.

Where can I book a hotel?

There are a few areas of Bristol where hotels are concentrated. The main concentration of hotels in Bristol is in the downtown area, near Castle Park in the Broadmead neighborhood. Castle Park is a beautiful park located along the Avon river which most hotels will be adjacent to.

You should definitely book your hotel somewhere along the Avon to take advantage of its natural beauty and its proximity to the popular tourist destinations. Going north from Castle Park offers easier access to the highway, although the island south of Castle Park also has decent access to the roundabouts which direct traffic in and out of the city.

What prices are hotels?

The price of the hotel you pick in Bristol can range from under $100 to over $200 depending on which hotel you choose. There are large international chain hotels littered around the hotel dense areas of Bristol, which are typically a bit more expensive than their local medium sized hotel counterparts but are typically still affordable.

There are also a number of hostels and cheaper chain hotels west of Castle Park, including options like the Radisson and the Marriott. The farther you go outside of the city center, the less expensive hotels will be in Bristol, but the downtown hotels aren’t that expensive, so it’s probably not worth going far outside.

Where can I find unique hotel types?

Most of the medium-sized and independent hotels in Bristol have a historical story to tell, which hotel employees and websites will typically hint at. Some of the hotels in Bristol are several hundred years old, which means that they’re historically protected landmarks and have rooms that are largely the same as back in the day, which can be both good and bad.

You’d be surprised at which famous world wandering names stayed at Bristol at various points in time.

In the present day, most of the middle sized and smaller sized hotels in Bristol are appended to the area’s lively nightlife scene, which is one of the most sought after in the UK. Within the UK, Bristol is the most likely to have a pub integrated with the hotel than anywhere else.

Can I book a specific hotel/hotel brand?

If you’re interested in booking one of the major international or British hotel brands, you’ll be able to satisfy your wishes in multiple locations in Bristol. There’s no problem with doing this, but much of the real fun of Bristol comes from dabbling in the local life and staying in a smaller local hotel with a bit more local color.