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Everyone's familiar with London as the baroque and bubbly hub of England. The river Thames snakes through London within the southern United Kingdom, making the world's top tourist destination especially beautiful. London is the gateway to Europe, and one of the world's most influential and most internationalized cities. No matter your nationality, London has a tourist destination for any and every possible interest, be it food, art, history, science, or culture.

Tourism in London

Tourists from all over the world flock to London, and it's common to walk down the street without hearing the same language spoken twice. It's rainy quite frequently in London, but a strong subway system known as the Underground and stellar sites like Trafalgar Square and Big Ben keep tourists flowing through the streets without complaint. For a tour of proper pomp and circumstance, Buckingham Palace is sure to please.

Booking a hotel deal in London

London is a massive megalopolis with a galaxy of hotels to boot. There's hundreds of different ways to book a hotel in London, but Skyscanner is the best. You'll be able to define exactly what you want from a hotel room and filter through all of the rooms in London that meet your price range and aesthetic sense.

How expensive are hotels in London?

Hotels in London can get quite expensive in the most touristy areas, and don't get much cheaper elsewhere. You'll pay the most in Westminster, South Kensington, Canary Wharf, and the City of London. The farther away from Kensington that you get, the lower the prices will be. If you're looking for a cheaper option, look for a hotel in Hounslow, Loughton, or Sanderstead.

Can I find a hotel near Buckingham Palace?

Yes! There are quite a few hotels located around the Buckingham Palace Garden in Westminster. Most of the hotels are expensive, upscale, and with small rooms but deeply enthusiastic service staff. If you're lucky and willing to drop a pretty penny, you'll be rewarded with a view of the garden's high walls from your hotel room. Buckingham Palace is surrounded by Underground stations and bus stops, so you won't have any trouble getting to or from your hotel.

Where are the most luxurious hotels?

London is home to the highest number of ultra-high net worth individuals per capita of any city, so finding luxury hotels isn't difficult. There's an abundance of fancy hotels along the Thames, and you'll even be able to find a few hotels inside of the high powered financial district of London called the City of London. Likewise, the moneyed Canary Wharf is a veritable smorgasbord of luxury hotels--boutique or otherwise.

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What are travelers saying about London?

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Phaidra  Stanley
Phaidra Stanley

Walking. You get to take everything in on your own time. There is so much history here. Also, the tube is excellent.

Elizabeth C
Elizabeth C

I adore London! We go from museums to parks to historic locations, and it’s wonderful!! Just a short train ride from Brighton, another great city!!

Tracey S
Tracey S

Went to London during an historically hot summer! It was shockingly hot especially on the Tube and ihard to find AC anywhere. Saw the touristy sites like Tower of London and Covent Garden. Especially recommend Camden boat ride.

haya ramml
haya ramml

london is not a place u can describe in words its the most magical place on erath


The most expensive month to stay in London is January, with an average price of $176 per night. The least expensive month is January, with an average of $176 per night.
The average price of a hotel in February is typically $199 per night. This is -$13% less than the average nightly price of $176 seen over the previous 12 months.

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