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Hotels In Newquay

Newquay isn’t a well-known town in the southwest of the United Kingdom, but its beautiful Atlantic views and inexpensive habitats make it a beautiful spot for a relaxing vacation in rural England. There are quite a few different hotels in Newquay, so be sure to use our booking help tool here at Skyscanner when you make plans for your stay.

Where Should I Book My Hotel In Newquay?

The town of Newquay is shaped like a J, with the left face of the J facing the Atlantic. The hotels in Newquay are spread mostly around the joint of the J, but there are also a number of options farther to the north.

The shops and town center of Newquay are closest to the junction of the J, so if you’re interested in walking around the town, book your hotel around Mount Wise street or East Street. There are also a few hotels along Trenance Road, where you’ll find public transportation access and more shops.

What Kinds Of Hotels Are There In Newquay?

Nearly all the hotels in Newquay fit the definition of the bed and breakfast style hotel. You won’t find any hostels or international hotels here, nor will you find any hotels with more than a dozen rooms. Part of the experience of Newquay is being treated like you’re part of the family of the hotel that you stay in for the time that you’re there.

Though there are a few hotels with more modern designs, most of the hotels in Newquay are in old homes with beautiful architecture. You won’t pay more than $100 for most hotel rooms in Newquay, so it’s a very affordable place to visit.

What Should I Expect From My Hotel In Newquay?

Your hotel accommodations in Newquay may seem a lot closer to staying in someone’s home than to staying in a hotel, which is part of the Newquay tradition. You won’t have maid service per se, though the owner of the hotel will probably ask you over the morning’s breakfast whether you need to have anyone go in and freshen up the room.

Amenities like TVs, spas, pools, and gyms are not emphasized in any of the hotels in Newquay, and it’d be quite surprising if you managed to find a hotel which offered any of the above. Your hotel may have a common living area where you’ll find a TV, which will probably be tuned to the latest football match.

Enjoying Newquay

Newquay is a quaint example of what life is like for modern people who live in a UK resort town. Take it slowly in Newquay, and go from shop to shop with the understanding that the pace of life is not about maximum economic production but rather about keeping with tradition.

Evenings in Newquay are typically spent at the local pub, which your hotel owner can direct you to—and ensure that you receive a warm welcome at. You won’t have to go much farther than a block or two from your hotel to find the local pub.