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Hotels in Austin

Austin, Texas is an up and coming tech and culture hub known for its live music scene, high quality of life, and diverse population. When you visit Austin, you’ll be jumping into America’s hottest growing city, both figuratively and literally. Austin’s hot climate keeps it reasonably hot, dry, and outdoor-friendly year round, so pack light clothing and make sure you know how to get to your destination.

Where Are The Hotels In Austin?

The hotels in Austin aren’t concentrated in any one area and tend to be distributed around hubs of activity. You’ll find hotels around the University of Texas at Austin campus, downtown, East Austin, and in South Austin.

Because Austin isn’t a super walkable city, you should plan to pick a hotel that’s close to where you intend to visit, or close to a bus stop. Most hotels have parking, so renting a car is a good idea regardless of your hotel’s location. Cheaper hotels exist on the city’s periphery and into the suburbs, so if a drive doesn’t bother you, they may be good choices.

What Kinds Of Hotels Are There?

Most hotels in Austin tend toward the upscale, although further out in the suburbs there are exceptions. In Austin, you’ll find a healthy assortment of chain hotels, bed and breakfasts, small hotels, and a few boutique hotels. There are also a few luxury hotels in Austin, like the Four Seasons.

In general, you get what you pay for when booking a hotel in Austin, although there are often deals to find in the smaller hotels and the bed and breakfasts. The rooms themselves may be a bit smaller in these types of accommodations, but their location and low prices often make up the difference.

What Is There To Do In Austin?

Austin has an extremely vibrant culture, boasting live music, film festivals, performance arts, outdoor recreation, and classic southern cuisine. Most of the live music and performance arts venues are located in the downtown or South Austin areas, in contrast to the parks and mountain sports farther out.

If you’re interested in watching sports, Austin also hosts some different sporting events and teams, ranging from Formula One races to any of the traditional sports like baseball, basketball, and football. The sports scene of Austin varies greatly depending on the season, with the summer’s heat forcing a lull in comparison to the slightly cooler spring, winter, and fall.