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Hotels in Buffalo

Buffalo’s location in the extreme northwest of New York state makes it a remote and chilly yet vibrant city. Near the Niagara Falls, Buffalo is culinarily known for its pierogis, chicken wings, and special style of pizza.

What Kinds Of Hotels Can I Find In Buffalo?

Buffalo is home to almost the entire gamut of hotel types, ranging from major chain hotels to bed and breakfasts, motor inns, and boutique hotels. The notable exception to the Buffalo hotel scene is the luxury hotel, which doesn’t exist in the traditional sense. If you’re looking for a luxury offering in Buffalo, you’ll probably do best in a boutique hotel or one of the area’s high-end bed and breakfasts.

As far as amenities go, Buffalo hotels will vary widely. The major chain hotels in downtown will likely have the full panorama of amenities like pools, gyms, and spas, whereas the smaller chain hotels and boutique hotels will likely offer perks like free breakfast instead.

Where Will My Hotel Be In Buffalo?

Hotels in Buffalo are concentrated around three hubs: the University, the Airport, and downtown Buffalo. Outside of these three hubs, there’s only rarely a hotel. The hubs themselves are relatively far apart and will be tough to navigate between without using public transportation or a car. This means that you should decide which area you’ll want to explore near your hotel and book accordingly.

If you’re hunting for a lower price, you can go farther outside of Buffalo to find hotel prices drop precipitously. Be aware that the farther away from the city that you get, your options will also become thinner.

What Is There To Do In Buffalo?

Checking out Buffalo’s food scene should be a priority for visitors. Be sure to grab a Buffalo style pizza and also try out a few items dipped in the characteristically pungent Buffalo sauce. After you’ve grabbed a bite, check out the Niagara Falls’ natural beauty.

Once you’ve seen the falls, be sure to check out the rest of the area’s natural beauty at Lake Erie’s shoreline or the Niagara River delta. Remember to be respectful of the environment at all times while in Buffalo, as many of these natural areas are important conservation sites.

Head down to the theater district to dabble in the area’s performing arts or music scenes.

If you’re a football fan, the Buffalo Bills team plays in the stadium at New Era Field seasonally and may be worth checking out if you book your tickets beforehand.