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Hotels in Durham

Durham is a small sized city in North Carolina that has a lot to offer for those interested in education or academic research. Durham’s warm and humid climate is pleasant and easy to plan for, so you’ll be able to enjoy Durham’s quaint districts, renovated downtown, and lush countryside no matter when you visit.

As of 2017, Durham is in the midst of a major renovation of the city’s buildings and self-image. As a terminus of the tech and science Research Triangle, Durham brings sophisticated technology—and cultural palates—to the South Carolina.

What Kind Of Hotels Are There In Durham?

Durham has a large number of chain hotels and a smaller subset of independent hotels. You won’t be able to find boutique hotels, luxury hotels, bed and breakfasts, or other types of hotels easily in Durham. Most hotels in Durham tend to be on the less expensive side, but their quality is good.

You’ll also get a hearty helping of Southern hospitality when you stay at a hotel in Durham. Expect to be treated warmly everywhere you go.

Where Are The Hotels In Durham?

The hotels in Durham are spread out over the city, although there is a locus of hotels in the Research Triangle Park area and downtown. You’ll find the remaining hotels scattered around the northern part of the city.

In general, you’ll have to go far outside of the city limits to access cheaper hotels, and because of the distances involved, it might not be worth your time.

What Is There To Do In Durham?

Durham is adjacent to the Duke Forest and the Falls Lake, both of which are popular spots for recreation outdoors. Within the city limits, the Science Museum of Durham is a popular destination, as is the campus of Duke University and the Research Triangle Park.

There are a few live music venues in Durham, as well as a few independent record labels. Most of Durham’s music scene is concentrated on the hip hop and R&B genres, although there are also a few country acts in town. Be sure to check out music venues early, as they tend to close before midnight. If you’re fond of the visual arts, Durham has a few cultural festivals and local art galleries which host weekly shows.

Many people go to Durham to spectate in Duke University’s college sports scene, which includes basketball, football, and baseball.