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Hotels in Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the United States’ most beautiful natural sites. Located in Arizona, the Canyon’s rocky outcropping and distant Colorado River snaking through the cliffs are enough to wow nearly every visitor.

Finding a hotel around the Grand Canyon can be tough for some reasons. First, the Canyon itself is quite remote and is surrounded by national parks, Native American reservations, and wilderness. Second, the sparse clump of hotels near the Grand Canyon have low capacity and are often sold out. Finally, it can be tough to find a hotel that has the amenities you’re looking for around the Grand Canyon.

What Kinds Of Hotels Are There Near The Grand Canyon?

The hotels around the Grand Canyon are better described as lodges, bed and breakfasts, or campsites. If you’re willing to go as far south as the Grand Canyon National Park Airport, you’ll be able to find a couple of small chain hotels.

Most of the hotels in the area are near the roadside, with easy access to the Grand Canyon National Park where the canyon itself is located.

What Should I Expect From My Hotel?

In general, hotels around the Grand Canyon are expensive and don’t offer many amenities. You won’t be able to find boutique or luxury hotels in this area, and the cap on some amenities that you can find is quite low.

If you’re looking for the standard set of amenities and the chance of a pool, the few chain hotels are the best bet. The hotels around Grand Canyon Village may have a few amenities, but on the whole expect rooms to be sparse, often sold out, and come with parking.

How Expensive Are The Hotels Around The Grand Canyon?

Most of the hotels around the Grand Canyon are upwards of $175 as of 2017. The campgrounds and RV parks cost less but aren’t hotels in the traditional sense. Expect a standard hotel room to go for as high as $400, depending on the season.

The heat of the summer drives prices down slightly, although rooms will still be expensive.

How Can I Get To My Hotel?

Most hotels are accessible via Arizona’s Route 64. Route 64 has a few hotels on the route itself, and buds off into Entrance Rd, where you’ll enter the Grand Canyon Village area. In the village area, you’ll find the other cluster of hotels and campsites.