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Hotels In Honolulu

Honolulu is one of the most beautiful and also one of the most expensive vacation cities in the Pacific. While you’re sure to soak up a ton of sun and enjoy the softness of a flower necklace, booking a hotel in Honolulu can be quite daunting because of the number of options and number of neighborhoods to choose from. Be sure to book your hotel with us here in Skyscanner before your trip to Honolulu, as it can get very expensive if you’re unprepared.

What Kinds Of Hotels Will I Find In Honolulu?

Hotels in Honolulu range from the humble hostel to the specialized resort or a large international chain hotel. You’ll be able to book a boutique hotel, a sunny hut by the beach, or an industrial style medium-sized hotel far from the beach if you so choose. In general, your hotel choice in Honolulu will be linked to your budget.

Where Should I Book My Hotel Within Honolulu?

The area in southern Honolulu around Grays Channel and Waikiki Bay is the area that’s the densest with hotels, and also the area with the most beachfront property. Hotels in this area are steps from the beach and are priced accordingly.

Make no mistake, this separated peninsula is heavily overpriced, and is by all definitions a tourist trap, but you still may want to book your hotel here for the standard Honolulu beach experience.

There is, however, a cheaper option that’s a bit of a hike from the nearest beach: the aptly named Hotel St. Hotel St. is located in northwestern Honolulu, and has a dozen medium-sized and small hotels where you’ll be able to find the best deals, even during the busiest seasons. You’ll have to walk a bit farther to get to the beach, and there are also buses from this area to the main area with the other hotels.

How Expensive Will A Hotel In Honolulu Be?

If you choose to book your hotel in the main hotel island of Honolulu in the southeast of the city, you’ll likely be paying more than $150 for your hotel room and potentially as much as $500 per night depending on how extravagant you’re feeling. Expect that in general, your hotel will be expensive in Honolulu, as will all other goods.

The hotels outside the southeastern hotel area will be less expensive but offer fewer amenities accordingly.

What Should I Expect From Honolulu’s Hotels?

Honolulu’s hotels are well-kept, exceptionally run, and offer all of the amenities you’d expect from upscale venues. Many hotels have gyms, pools, saunas, spas, room service, and concierge service. A few hotels also offer shuttle service to and from local areas around Honolulu, though these are mostly limited to the larger international hotels.

Every hotel room in Honolulu will have maid service, and many will have beautiful oceanfront views of the Pacific. If your hotel room is higher than the third or fourth floor, your hotel room may also have a balcony to offer beautiful openness to the warm tropical air.