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Hotels in Jersey City

For many people, Jersey City is home, a quick train ride away from New York City’s Manhattan borough. If you do decide to book your hotel in Jersey City for your trip to New York City, be sure to book it here with us at Skyscanner so that you get the best rates possible. Booking in Jersey City can be expensive, depending on the time of year.

Where Should I Book My Hotel In Jersey?

If you plan on using your hotel room in Jersey City as a lily pad to visit New York City and don’t want to spend any time in Jersey itself, you should book your hotel close to the NJTransit train lines or bus stops. These are both very common, so you won’t have trouble finding a nearby hotel.

If you’re visiting Jersey City for its sake, you should try booking in either North Jersey City or South Jersey City, safely away from the traffic headed toward New York City. Any area that’s farther away from the main transit lines heading into either New York City or Newark will have hotels which are much cheaper.

How Much Should I Expect From My Hotel In Jersey?

You should expect everything from a standard American hotel room from your room in Jersey City. The number of amenities your room will have will vary substantially from hotel to hotel, but all hotels will have a TV, private bathroom, and daily room service.

If something doesn’t seem right with your hotel room in Jersey City, call the main desk and complain. You should be able to get relocated without a problem or to have anything cleaned up or repaired. The standards in Jersey City aren’t as high as in New York City, but they’re still high enough that  hoteliers care about their reviews on the internet and elsewhere.

You may find that some of the hotels in Jersey City are more expensive than they seem like they should be, as some are not in the best condition. Most rooms will be clean, but you may have to live with unsightly damage to non-essential parts of your hotel room’s furniture.

Will My Hotel Have A Lot Of Amenities?

If you book with a major international chain, you should expect a pool, spa, and other types of advanced amenities. If you book with a smaller local hotel, you can still sometimes be pleasantly surprised by the number of amenities you receive. Don’t expect anything like heated towel racks unless you book with the very best, though. The same goes for bidets and in-room massages.

Whether you’re in Jersey City for the sake of heading to New York or whether you’re in Jersey City for fun, keep in mind that transit gets more expensive around rush hours, which are from 7-10 AM and 3-7 PM. The MTA is an efficient method of transportation, and tends to run on schedule. If you get caught out late at night, trains should show up at each station once every thirty minutes.