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Hotels in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is more of a business travel destination than one with strong tourist traffic, so you may actually find better deals on weekends than on weekdays. Not to say there is no tourism or no reason to visit for pleasure; the city actually has quite a few popular activities (centered on the Adventure District) and a great diversity of dining options.

Since it's the capital and the largest city in the state (as well as one of the major regional business hubs), Oklahoma City has many hotel options. Will Rogers World Airport is located just southeast of downtown, but unlike many other cities there are only a handful of budget options that are right near it. The main cluster of midscale to luxury hotels frequented by business travelers are actually found a couple of miles north of the airport along Meridian Avenue. The other main locations for hotels are directly downtown in the Bricktown / Business District area, just south of downtown along Highway 35, in Midwest City just to the east along Highway 40, and along N. May Avenue a few miles northwest of downtown.

Tips for Visiting Oklahoma City

Since it's really not much of a tourist draw, there aren't really "peak" or "low" seasons in Oklahoma City. Factors to consider are conventions / major events being held there, meetings of the state legislature, and the weather.

Some major annual events include the the Memorial Marathon in late April, the Paseo Arts Festival in late May, the deadCENTER Film Festival in early June, and the Regatta Festival in early October. Professional conferences generally take place on weekdays and will most often book out specific hotels rather than all of the rooms in the city.

As far as the weather goes, the biggest issue is tornado season. Oklahoma City is in the middle of Tornado Alley and usually sees at least a few every year, the vast majority coming in spring and summer with the most dangerous months being April and May. Weather is moderate all year, however, with the hottest summer days edging just above 90 degrees and winters with an average temperature in the 50s. You might see a bit more tourist activity than usual in October, when people come to watch the leaves change.

So what is there to do in Oklahoma City? As mentioned, the Adventure District is the place to start. This is a roughly two-mile area in the northeast of the city that is home to the city zoo and botanical garden as well as a variety of museums. It's also home to the Remington Park Racing Casino, which in addition to daily horse racing has a wide variety of slot machines. Bricktown, which is downtown adjacent to the business district, is the place for nightlife. Great spots for dining include Western Avenue and Asia District.