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Hotels in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a small yet substantial city in western Pennsylvania known for its steel industry and its hundreds of bridges. Travelers from all over the world flock to Pittsburgh to attend its prestigious universities, peruse its museums and get a taste of Appalachian culture at its finest.

Pittsburgh sits at the junction at the start of the Ohio River, where the Allegheny and the Monongahela rivers combine. Because of Pittsburgh’s location on the river in the steep slope of Mt. Washington, the city is a galaxy of bridges and sharp inclines.

In recent years, Pittsburgh has become a smaller hub for tech companies and finance corporations, most of which are nestled near downtown.

What Neighborhoods Have Hotels?

Of Pittsburgh’s 90 neighborhoods, most of the hotels are concentrated in just a few areas. You’ll be able to find most hotels in the Central Business District, Bluff, Middle Hill, Strip District, Polish Hill, Oakland, Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, and Perry neighborhoods. The good news is that these neighborhoods are relatively central so that you won’t be too far from any single destination in the city.

Most hotels also have a bus stop or airport shuttle stop nearby, so don’t stress about the exact location of your hotel.

Can I Find A Luxury Hotel In Pittsburgh?

Finding a luxury hotel in Pittsburgh is possible, but might be tough depending on the season. Unlike larger cities, Pittsburgh’s access to boutique and luxury hotels is quite limited, and those that do exist are concentrated in the downtown area among the skyscrapers. Happily, many of the non-luxury hotel chains slightly outside downtown have higher standards than one might expect, so you’ll still find a comfortable place to stay.

Finding a luxury hotel will be harder than usual during late summertime when universities are about to start. Likewise, you’ll probably have an easier time finding a spot in a luxury hotel during the dead of winter while the students are away on break.

How Expensive Will Booking A Hotel Be?

Hotels in Pittsburgh don’t vary much in price. Most hotels aren’t very expensive but aren’t particularly cheap either—as of 2017 it’s reasonable to assume that you’ll spend somewhere between $100 and $200 at an average hotel for an average room.

There aren’t too many hotels outside of the city proper, so it isn’t that viable to pick a cheaper hotel that’s farther out. Rooms tend to get a bit more expensive during the late summertime, and a bit cheaper during winter.