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Last Updated: 16 December 2019

Your California Privacy Rights

This notice applies to California residents using any of our services and together with our Privacy Policy explains how Skyscanner processes your personal information and your choices and rights when it comes to these processing activities. 

Your rights

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (we’ll call it the “CCPA“), you have following rights in relation to the personal information that we hold about you:

  • right to know
  • right to request deletion
  • right to opt-out

To manage your privacy settings and exercise your right to opt-out from sale of your personal information, you may use the feature provided to you in this Do Not Sell My Personal Information page. To exercise any of your other rights or if you have any questions about how we process your personal information, please contact us via our Help Centre or by post addressed to Data Protection Officer, Skyscanner Limited, Quartermile One, 15 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh EH3 9EN.

For each request you make, we ask you to provide us with the e-mail address associated with your Skyscanner account. This will help us confirm we have your personal information and allow us to contact you to verify your identity where necessary before completing your request.

We are committed to protecting your personal information and want to support you in exercising your privacy rights, including the rights granted to you under the CCPA. Exercising these rights will never result in any discriminatory treatment by Skyscanner.

If you wish to receive this Privacy Notice in an alternative format, please get in touch using contact details set out above.

Right to know

You have a right to request information about how we process your personal information. This includes information on the scope of data collected by Skyscanner and an explanation on what personal data we are collecting and using and the type of personal information that is considered selling under the CCPA’s broad definition of a sale. You can also request the specific pieces of personal data we have about you.

In order to protect your data from unauthorised access, we verify each request. If you’d like access specific pieces of personal information we hold about you, please include in your request a copy of a document confirming your full name such a utility bill, drivers license or other document enabling us to confirm your identity. 

Right to request deletion

You have a right to request that Skyscanner deletes certain personal information that we process about you. You can send your deletion request via our Help Centre or by post using contact details set out above.

Please be informed that in certain circumstances we will be required to store your data to comply with regulatory requirements.

Right to opt-out

You may request to opt out of sale of your personal information to third parties. The CCPA defines a sale very broadly and this includes communicating personal information to another business or a third party for non-financial gain. Skyscanner will never sell your data for profit, however, where we transfer it to our partners for things like displaying personalised ads to you or to deliver improvements to our service, these uses fall within the broad definition of a “sale” under CCPA. We only engage in this kind of data transfer where we believe it benefits you by providing you with a better experience, quality of  service or to deliver content that you may be interested in.

It’s your data and we want to make sure you are in control. You can opt out from any practice that may lead to sale of your personal data at any time. To manage your privacy preferences and opt out of the sale of your personal information, please use the features provided to opt out here:  Do Not Sell My Personal Information. You can also contact us via our Help Centre or by post using contact details set out above.

Transfers of Personal Information

In addition to the information set out in the Why and how do we use your personal data? and What personal data do we collect? sections of our Privacy Policy, we make the following disclosures:

  • we disclose the following categories of personal information to service providers who only use the data for business purposes agreed with us: contact information, travel and booking information, identification information, payments information, demographic information, device and location information, preferences information, communication information, social media information, content generated or provided by you
  • we following categories of personal information may be transferred to third parties and fall within the definition of a sale under the CCPA: device and non-granular location information such as your city, travel, search and booking information and demographic information.

Authorised agents

If you choose to use an authorised agent such as an attorney to act on your behalf, to ensure your personal data is protected and remains secure, we require you to provide the authorised agent with written permission to act on your behalf and verify your own identity directly with us.