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What type of trips will US travelers take in 2020?

If you’ve ever felt like you needed a holiday from your holiday, you’re not alone. While short and quick Micro Escapes are ideal for work-life balance, the top travel trend in 2020 shows that US travelers are craving Slow Travel (25%). Not only do travelers prefer quality over quantity trips, but 24% also indicate that they want to experience places Joy-of-Missing-Out-style, where crowds are scarce. Plus, the desire to travel to lesser-trafficked places (maybe even during off-season with carbon emission offsets!) aids the sustainable tourism movement, which is projected to almost double in 2020. It’s also clear that–with a 69% increase from the previous year–more US travelers will be opting for more meaningful experiences, ones that have the power to impact their lives in transformative ways.

Slow Travel
Have you ever returned from a holiday feeling tired and in need of another? If you live fast, you might like to travel slow. Slow Travel trips, with a 10% YoY increase, emphasize connecting with your travel buddies, the destination, and a leisurely way of living. From one week to once-budget-runs-out, if you’re not in a hurry and want to prioritize rest, this is for you. 

If you are interested in Slow Travel, you might want to visit Madrid, Spain or Tokyo, Japan.
Jomo Trips
First it’s FOMO, now it’s JOMO. The ‘Joy Of Missing Out’ is staying away from social media. Our data shows 24% of travelers desire to escape the hustle and travel off-season to alternative destinations away from crowds, by selecting a second or third city to visit. Because they’re not updating social media all the time, friends might not know they’re away until they’re back.
If you want to take a JOMO Trip, you might want to visit Marrakech, Morocco.
Local Gastronomy
The quickest way to get to know a place and bond with locals is through food. And the Local Gastronomist knows this best. Before getting there, they would research online, watch every foodie show, and ask everyone for recommendations. From 3-star restaurants to roadside hawker stalls, they aren’t picky with where it is as long as every bite is worth it. These trips are forecasted to be up by 29% in 2020.

If you are into Local Gastronomy, you might want to visit Asheville, North Carolina or Buenos Aires, Argentina

Micro Escapes
Short, quick and does the trick. Predicted to account for 16% of trips taken by US travelers in 2020, Micro Escapes allow for fun without having to sacrifice family time or work commitments. Camping trips or short weekend domestic getaways, designing your own Micro Escape is a great for all comfort levels and for introducing new experiences to your family.

If you like Micro Escapes, you might want to visit San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Transformative Journeys
Travel has the power to change us in many ways and no one understands this more than the Transformative Traveller. Whether it’s a quest for personal wellness or to make a difference in society by volunteering, they seek meaning with every trip. These journeys are estimated to make up 11% of all trips in 2020.

If you want to take a Transformative Journey, you might want to visit Accra, Ghana.
Sustainable Tourism
The Sustainable traveler lets their choices make a positive impact, and this travel trend is indicating an increase of 97% YoY in 2020. From booking eco flights and opting for places that are culturally and environmentally responsible to upholding their own green practice like reducing multiple bed linen changes and going local, these travelers are spearheading modern travel.

If you are into Sustainable Tourism, you might want to visit Panama City, Panama.

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