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10 Top Nature Instagram Accounts To Follow

Get the benefits of nature without stepping outside by following these nature photographers on Instagram.

Though everyone needs time connecting with nature, busy lives requiring long hours trapped inside can cut down on time spent in the great outdoors. Whether you’re planning your next big outdoor adventure, or just need to see some scenery other than the view from your office window, follow these Instagram accounts for a dose of nature photography that will hit you like a gust of fresh air.

1. Foster Huntington – (@fosterhunting)

Explore good vibes and rustic views with Foster Huntington, an Instagrammer slash blogger slash surfer slash camper who went off the grid in 2011 to travel along the West Coast. He documents his travels, along with his endeavors– which include everything from modifying his ride to building a treehouse– on his website and Instagram. Whether you’re lusting for a trip out West or looking to follow Huntington’s lead and hit the road, your first step should be following him on Instagram.

2. Chris Burkard – (@chrisburkard)

Chris Burkard is a nature photographer whose passion is evident in every crystal clear image. Whether you’re looking for some inspiration for your next trip or just a quick break from the day to day, scrolling through Burkard’s feed is like taking a mini-vacation through some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. On his website, Burkard cites the ocean as a main muse, and surfs to achieve some of his amazing aquatic images. In fact, he even did a Ted talk called “The Joy of Surfing in Ice-Cold Water.”

3. Dave and Deb Travel Photography – (@theplanetd)

Make your way around the world in an instant with Dave and Deb, travel bloggers who live by the motto “adventure is for everyone.” Their story of quitting their jobs in order to travel around the world, photographing and writing about their experiences, is chronicled on their blog. However, fans can get a taste of their amazing work on Instagram, which features photos of landscapes, architecture, people and animals from all over the world. Each photo includes a post with factual information and personal anecdotes.

4. Ryan Abernathy – (@ryan.abernathy)

This tongue-in-cheek nature photographer and blogger is notable not just for his photography skills, but also for his writing skills, evident in every playful, self-deprecating and often shrewd post. He offers bits of wisdom and inspiration, while also poking fun at some of the gimmicks so many use to promote their Instagrams and attract followers. If his wit isn’t enough, his collection of incredible landscapes, mixed in with shots of himself and his beloved family, will make you want to hop on the next plane to wherever he’s shooting from.

5. Alex Strohl – (@alexstrohl)

This noted French photographer, whose publications, according to his website, include pieces in Forbes, Vanity Fair and Buzzfeed, has a breathtaking portfolio up on Instagram. He specializes in landscapes, particularly water and mountain scenery, and many of his shots have an airy, almost ethereal vibe, with wispy clouds or low hanging fog. Strohl also captures photos of houses in interesting or scenic locations. After scrolling through his feed, you’ll be ready to move into one of these cool, quirky abodes and abandon city life for good.

6. Oliver Vegas – (@ovunno)

A photographer with a knack for composition, Oliver Vegas has an Instagram that’s truly pleasing to the eye. His shots feature buildings and landscapes and highlight Vegas’ eye for symmetry and shape. Though he does not stick strictly to nature photography, his shots are done with such artistry that he brings a natural serenity to even the most urban settings. His nature photography will take your breath away, with beautiful sea and landscapes that are awash with color and often graced with magnificent moments of natural light.

7. Samuel Tapiale – (@eljackson)

Finnish brothers Samuel and Daniel Tapiale both have a passion for photography, nature, and travel. Together, they have a website full of their latest nature shots, along with blog posts chronicling their adventures. You can also see Samuel’s work on his Instagram, where he posts his beautiful outdoor photography. Interspersed with his landscapes are pictures of his wife, brother and friends as they embark on various trips. Tapiale often catches them in great action shots, a few of which may leave you with your blood pumping a little harder.


8. Claire Droppert – (@claireonline)

This Dutch photographer specializes in tranquil landscapes and nature scenes, sometimes including figures in the distance or the occasional structure or animal. On her website, Droppert explains her attraction to simplicity and minimalism and her “strong preference for landscapes, and desolate/open spaces.” There is nothing desolate about the images, though, which often feature softly slanting light or capture the motion of Droppert’s subjects. If you’re looking for a quick way to de-stress, scrolling through Droppert’s photos is guaranteed to instantly drop your blood pressure down a few notches.

9. Gerardo Sandoval – (@gess8)

Scrolling through his Instagram feed, you’ll have trouble believing Gerardo Sandoval is only 18 years old. The photographer and self-proclaimed “dreamer” posts both his own photography and photographs of other artists that he has edited. A lot of his pictures do have an almost dreamlike quality, with plenty of soft sunsets and expanses of fluffy clouds. He also plays a lot with silhouettes, both close up and far away, and many of his pictures are of waterscapes. Take a two-minute beach vacation and check out Sandoval’s breathtaking shots.

10. Vincent Croce – (@vincentcroce)

For a more woodsy vibe, check out Vincent Croce’s Instagram. Expect plenty of forest shots, punctuated by occasional snaps of roads, with some people and animals thrown in for good measure. Though he doesn’t seem as taken by sunset pictures as some Instagrammers, the few he has are spectacular. Generally, however, Croce seems to prefer to use sunlight in a more dramatic way and you’ll find plenty of pictures featuring wooded areas with sun rays glittering through the trees, giving the scenes an almost mystical feel.