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Travel News Fly to the 10 Best 2019 Nightlife Cities in the United States

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Fly to the 10 Best 2019 Nightlife Cities in the United States

Find flights now to the best places to party in America. Book your trip to the best nightlife cities in the USA 2018. Here's where to find the most spectacular entertainment right now.

Best Nightlife Cities in the USA 2018

The best nightlife destinations in the United States for 2018 are here. Plan your travel accordingly.

  • Miami Beach, Florida
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Houston, Texas
  • New York, New York
  • San Diego, California
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Austin, Texas
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Chicago, Illinois

1. Fly to Miami Beach, Florida

South Beach attracts a well-dressed, stylish fun-loving crowd. It’s party central within Miami, consistently considered one of the best party cities in the US. Soaring rhythms and some of the world’s best clubs scenes confirms its place at the top of the list of best nightlife cities in USA 2018.

Miami Beach attracts travelers from the around the world, keen to soak up the atmosphere, sample some cocktails and find the hottest nightclubs. Try Employees Only for a slice of New York cool in Florida, The Broken Shaker for more cocktail culture and the famous Space for big name DJs and beats.

Most cheap flights to Miami land at Miami International Airport, which has direct routes from most major domestic airports.

There’s a range of hotels dotted along Miami Beach, many with their own clubs and bars which would be at home in any of the best party cities in the US. Search with Skyscanner to find the best deal on hotels in Miami.

This comprehensive travel guide tells you everything you need to plan your Miami trip.

2. Fly to New Orleans, Louisiana

We all know how the Big Easy can be an exciting destination during big events, like the spectacular Mardi Gras celebrations. But if you go at any other time of the year you’ll have just as much fun in New Orleans. Find cheap flights to New Orleans and be guaranteed to arrive in one of the best nightlife cities in USA 2018.

This city has one of the best bar scenes in the world, with many of them open late into the night. Same goes for the music scene. And sleeping it off at a boutique hotel like And sleeping it off at one of the city’s boutique hotels, like the Dauphine Orleans Hotel,is just as memorable as the fun that led you there.

Most cheap flights to New Orleans arrive at New Orleans Louis Armstrong airport in Louisiana.

If you want to plan your stay in one of the 15 best nightlife cities in the USA, get your hotel booked in New Orleans today.

Find more reasons why New Orleans is one of the best party cities in the US by reading this nightlife guide.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

Fly to Las Vegas for one of the best party cities in the US where the daytime entertainment is as exciting as the nightlife.

There are dayclubs and pool parties at Las Vegas hotels to get your party when the sun is up.

And virtually every hotel on the Las Vegas Strip has at least one nightclub to keep you dancing through your vacation. It’s not like you went there to win big at blackjack, right?

Planning a Las Vegas vacation? Read this guide to Las Vegas travel hacks before you fly to one of the best nightlife cities in USA 2018.

4. Houston, Texas

One of the best reasons to visit Houston is the amount of hip hangouts, glamorous bars and stylish nightclubs that can be found dotted across the city. The Houston central business district crowd gravitate towards Midtown cocktail bars. Downtown there’s a more relaxed Texas vibe and plenty of music bars to experience long into the night.

Consider booking a Houston hotel close to some of the best rooftop bars in Houston, like The Dogwood, The Grove or Proof Rooftop Lounge for an awesome view over one of the best party cities in the US.

Feel like a weekend city break in party city Houston? Read this 48 hours in Houston guide to plan your trip.

5. New York City, New York

When it comes to sheer variety of nightlife options, nobody compares to New York City. Sip some cocktails at Pegu in SoHo. Go on an epic bar crawl through the East Village. And nightclubs like Southside feed that need to do a little dancing.

Fashionable restaurants open late uptown while clubs in the meatpacking district attract a party crowd ready to keep the vibe going in the City That Never Sleeps.

Choose a hotel that fits your budget from the hundreds of properties available in Manhattan, or find a cheap hotel in Brooklyn to tap into the burgeoning late night hipster scene.

Planning a trip to NYC? Read this New York City travel guide before you fly?

6. San Diego, California

California has become one of the most exciting parts of the country for nighttime entertainment and San Diego is leading the way. There is more than you would expect from this popular beach destination, which is definitely one of the best party cities in the US.

The Gaslamp Quarter’s fashionable rooftop bars offer views of the skyline while you sip your cocktail. Modern nightclubs cater for a young, eclectic crowd all through the year. You’ll also have the chance to delve into the thriving local craft beer scene.

Most cheap flights to San Diego land at San Diego International Airport, which is situated about 3 miles north of downtown. Search for cheap hotels in San Diego on Skyscanner.

7. Los Angeles, California

This is the place to go clubbing if you want to see and be seen. Los Angeles has a nightlife packed with star power. There’s also a cool, bohemian undercurrent to be discovered.

Visit to delve into a heady mix of late night restaurants, hip music bars, cosmopolitan nightclubs and bijou hangouts with interesting clientele. It’s all there to be discovered in one of the best party cities in the US.

Find a cheap LA hotel in one of the most popular neighborhoods in Los Angeles to begin exploring the entertainment in one of the best nightlife cities in the USA.

Start planning your trip today with our comprehensive Los Angeles City Guide.

8. Austin, Texas

State capital, home to one of the biggest universities in the United States and known for an incredible music scene. Yes, Austin has is certainly one of the best nightlife cities in the USA in 2018.

That lively mix of college kids, hip bars and up-and-coming musicians all along 6th Street comes together as a creative and engaging nightime scene.

9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

One of the most exciting cities in the United States, Philadelphia excels when it comes to nightlife. Live music is a major feature of the nighttime scene, alongside rooftop bars, Irish bars, hipster joints, dance clubs and late night food spots – don’t forget your Philly cheesesteak. Look for clusters of happeing bars in Old City, Fishtown, East Passyunk and Kensington for the best nightlife in the city.

Cheap flights to Philadelphia usually arrive at Philadelphia International Airport, located less than ten miles from downtown.

Search for cheap hotels in Philadelphia now to begin your vacation in one of the best party cities in the US.

10. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago earns its place among the best nightlife cities in USA 2018 with a mix of traditional blues bars, famous jazz clubs, modern up-and-coming hipsters and a famous house music nightclub scene. Whether you are looking for late night concerts, restaurants that serve up food long into the night or city festivals, Chicago is the place to be.

Find yourself a cheap Chicago hotel with one quick search on Skyscanner.

Heading to Chicago, one of the best party cities in the US? This Chicago Travel Guide has all the information that you need.