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10 best things to do in Germany

From Oktoberfest to the Romantic Road, come take a look at the 10 best things to do in Germany!

Germany is one of Europe’s top tourist destinations, offering tourists delicious food and drink options, incredible culture, and much more! So what must-do things should you do when in Germany? Skyscanner has 10 tips to make the trip a great one.

1. Oktoberfest!

The annual Oktoberfest beer festival (which actually begins in September) brings visitors from all over the world to Munich! It’s an absolute must-see attraction for anyone coming to Germany, so raise a pint and have fun!

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2. Explore the Romantic Road

The road from Wurzburg to Fussen is full of amazing little hamlets whose inhabitants love explorers. Famed for its beauty and celebration of German culture, The Romantic Road will have you falling in love with Germany!

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3. See a performance at the Berlin Philharmonic

An amazing cultural gem in Berlin, the Philharmonic has beautiful musical performances year round! The Philharmonic offers private tours, but you have to book them early as demand is high. Don’t wait!

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4. Explore the Dusseldorf Altstadt

The Altstadt (Old Town) region in Dusseldorf is full of amazing bars and restaurants and nightclubs, and lays up against the beautiful Rhein River. Sunsets in Altstadt provide a beautiful and unique backdrop to the underrated city of Dusseldorf, and are worth the trip alone!

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5. See the art and architecture of Stadel Museum in Frankfurt

A beautiful blend of classical European art and architecture, the Stadel is the quintessential German museum. After a day of exploring all the museum has to offer be sure to enjoy a pint of beer in the beer garden!

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6. Drink beer at Hofbrauhaus

Germany is famous for its beer, but none is more famous than Hofbrau! A trip to the Hofbrauhaus in Munich is always a fun time, with traditional beer, food, and music!

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7. See the amazing Dresden art galleries

An underrated art gem, the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen (Dresden Galleries) hold priceless art from throughout Germany and Europe. The grounds of the Galleries are themselves also a piece of art, and the perfect place for a picnic!

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8. Drive the Autobahn

Germany’s famous Autobahn highway stretches the entire country, and auto enthusiasts all over the world come to drive it for a reason. With no speed limits the Autobahn will let you channel your inner speed demon!

9. Neuschwanstein Castle

The former home of Ludwig II, this beautiful castle in Bavaria is a throwback to a simpler time in Germany’s history, and is a romantic escape.

10. The Wall

The Berlin Wall was once a symbol of communism, separating the free country of West Germany and the oppressed country of East Germany. Today the wall is no longer intact, but rather broken up into multiple small pieces in which tourists can visit, a somber reminder of what once was, and what will thankfully never be again.

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