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Travel News 10 gorgeous tropical paradises to escape the real world

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10 gorgeous tropical paradises to escape the real world

Ditch the hassles of work, school and everyday life to get away to some of the most gorgeous tropical paradises in the world.

There’s something incredibly special about enjoying a vacation where the sky, sea, sun, sand, and surf all meet to put you at ease. Here are 10 places you can escape everyday life and relax in a tropical paradise. After all, you deserve it!

1. Grand Cayman – Cayman Islands

One of the richest countries in the world despite its tiny size, the Cayman Islands is as well known for international banking as well as its incredible beaches. Seven Mile Beach is the gem of islands, as soft sand gives way to warm Caribbean waters that are incredibly clear. Pro Tip: for a less populous beach adventure with all the perks of Grand Cayman, visit the island of Little Cayman!

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2. The Fiji Islands

A popular destination for couples as well as families, the Fiji Islands are made up of over 300 individual islands, offering visitors their own personal paradise. Yasawa Island, located off of the coast of Viti Levu, houses an incredible array of beaches as well as hills covered with lush tropical vegetation.

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3. Peter Island – British Virgin Islands

Famous for its secluded beaches, Peter Island is a private island that offers incredible scenery thanks to the owner’s purposeful limited development. Routinely named one of the top places to stay in the world, Peter Island has only one hotel in the Peter Island Resort, so book your escape early!

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4. Costa Rica

Pura Vida! Costa Rica is a lush tropical paradise located in Central America, surrounded on one end by the Caribbean Sea and on the other by the Pacific Ocean. One look at the mind-blowing black sand beaches amidst the beautiful island backdrops will be sure to have you coming back to the peaceful country again and again!

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5. Boracay – The Philippines

Home to the incredible White Beach, Boracay has been named as one of the top islands in the world on numerous occasions. From parasailing to snorkeling too much more, Boracay somehow packs it all into its tiny 7 kilometer size!

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6. Nungwi – Zanzibar, Tanzania

Though Africa isn’t readily considered one of the top regions of the world for beached, Nungwi in Tanzania is fast becoming a vacation destination to reckon with. The Essque Zalu Zanzibar is one of the world’s most incredible hotels and provides guest accommodations and amenities that are unreal!

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7. Tulum, Mexico

One of the rare world destinations where ancient ruins meet amazing shoreline, Tulum offers a backdrop that is unique and sure to inspire awe. Part of the Riviera Maya, Tulum is growing rapidly as its beauty becomes more known to adventurous travelers.

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8. Anse Source d’Argent – La Digue Island, Seychelles

One of the most photographed beaches in the world, Anse Source d’ Argent is a visual masterpiece, with jungle running right up to the waterfront. Speaking of water, the incredible blues and greens of the ocean provide an amazing juxtaposition against the granite boulders that are unique to the region.

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9. Curaçao

A constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Curaçao is an idyllic Caribbean paradise located off the shore of South America. Lauded as one of the world’s top diving destinations, the tiny island offers amazing beaches, shopping, and watersports that will keep everyone in the family highly entertained!

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10. Phuket, Thailand

Well known for its raucous full moon parties, the island of Phuket in Thailand is not just a destination for hedonism. With some of the best beaches in Asia as well as some of the best food in the world, Phuket offers much to travelers who can escape to the island. Pro tip: Karon Beach has plenty of room for all if you want to avoid the crowds!

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