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10 Reasons To Visit Bucharest this Summer

Are you looking for the perfect European getaway this summer? Look no further! Here are 10 reasons why Bucharest, Romania is the hottest destination in Europe this summer (and why you need to visit Bucharest ASAP).

1. It’s an Underdog Destination

Tucked away in the rolling hills of Eastern Europe, Bucharest (and Romania in general) is often overlooked for its Western neighbors. But don’t be fooled by this; Bucharest’s popularity as a top travel destination is growing rapidly and its tourism industry is about to boom. Get there ASAP before everyone else to enjoy the city while the crowds and costs are low.

2. Bucharest Has a Rich History

Not only can you expect incredible old-world architecture, but a visit to Bucharest can offer incredible opportunities to learn about its history from locals with first-hand experiences. Cool off with a tour inside the parliament palace, or simply wander the streets and take in the contrast of communist vs. contemporary structures.

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3. Great Night Life

Forget flying to Vegas to experience unforgettable and grandiose nightlife. Romanians sure know how to have fun and Bucharest’s nightlight is no different, offering up some pretty serious parties. Check out the sunset at Pura Vida Sky Bar or sip a cold one in one of the city’s many garden bars.

4. It’s Luxurious (Therme)

Did you know Bucharest is home to the largest ‘relaxation centre’ in Europe and also the most diverse botanical garden in Romania? At over 30,000 sqm, Therme Bucharesti is the epitome of luxury. The spa boasts hundreds of exotic plants and a variety of luxurious mineral hot pools to soak away the jetlag (or your previous night) away!

5. A Great Café Scene

If you’re into quirky cafes or hipster hangouts, you now have just one more reason to visit Bucharest. Sip on a latte amidst a pretty-perfect background at ‘The Urbanist’, or create a water color painting at ‘Acuarela’ while you wait for lunch. There is no end to the trendy eateries in Bucharest!

6. Lots of Hidden Gems

Who doesn’t love to find a hidden gem? Bucharest is full of them, to the extent that exploring the city can feel like a self-run scavenger hunt. Every which way you turn, you can stumble across hidden alleyways, tucked-away bars or magnificent book shops.

7. Awesome Street Art

You don’t need to fly all the way to Berlin to dive into the edgy street art scene. Bucharest is home to a vast array of unique and often hidden urban art. Discover sky high murals in off beat alleys, or explore the beauty that the city’s ‘urban decay’ has to offer.

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8. Unique City Tours

Where else can you view a city through the eyes of an individual who’s previously lived on the streets, explore abandoned buildings, or tour through the ‘World’s heaviest structure’? Bucharest offers a variety of unique tours, which truly provide insight to the urban spaces and history of the region.

9. Vacaresti- The Urban Delta

Initially a communist infrastructural project, Vacaresti (affectionately known as the ‘Urban Delta’) was abandoned after the revolution. With decades of time for nature to take its course, the delta today is a scenic and lush natural landscape within the city core. Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, you can take a wander through the walking paths, ride a bike around its perimeter or simply admire the view!

10. It’s the Gateway to “Castle-Heaven”

If none of the above floats your boat, there is always the option to take a day trip from Bucharest to explore the countryside. Visit the staggering and fairy-tale like Peles castle, or discover the infamous Bran’s castle (notoriously nick-named Dracula’s castle). With so much to see and do nearby, you will certainly be happy you visited!

All in all, Bucharest is the hottest summer destination to visit due to its the perfect combination of edgy and alternative energy, nightlife, diverse food, and mix of authentic culture and history. If you are seeking a destination that is not commercialized with North American chains or overrun with tourists, a visit to Bucharest is the place for you! Just get there quick…before everyone else catches on!

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