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10 simple ways to make coach feel like first class

Keeping travel costs low means flying coach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be first-class fancy with our simple luxury tips.

With travel costs rising seemingly by the minute, the first class and business class options for world travel are being priced out for the average adventurer. However, there are still ways to get that blue ribbon experience on a bronze medal budget! Here’s some easy ways to get first-class treatment while sitting in coach.

1. Sip the bubbly!

Champagne can make anyone feel like a superstar, no matter where they are! Though you will have to pay for the champagne out of pocket, don’t be afraid to imbibe! You can even change up a classic not adding some orange juice to make your champagne a mimosa. Instead, try adding cranberry juice or apple-cranberry for a new twist on a great drink!

2. Black out the world

With noise-cancelling headphones and an eye cover, you can close your eyes and feel like you’re on a private flight to your own personal paradise!

3. Bring your own pillow

The worst thing about being in coach is the lack of comfort, which can lead to a lack of sleep. If you have a window seat don’t be afraid to bring your own pillow so that you can snuggle into it and drift off to dreamland!

4. Pack your own meal

What’s the deal with airplane food!? Whether you are one of the top comedians in the world or an average working class hero, airplane food is flat out foul! Airport security won’t let you bring your own drinks onto a flight, but you are allowed to bring your own food, so either whip up a gourmet meal or grab one via takeout and enjoy a meal fit for a king!

5. Shop ‘til you drop!

Skymall is an awesome catalog available on most flights that is filled with quirky kitsch that you can happily peruse! Though some of the items are just flat out weird, some are incredibly clever! Another shopping option is the duty-free catalog, available on most international flights.

6. Control your entertainment

Many flights come with personal entertainment systems filled with movie options, games, and more. However, bringing a tablet that is pre-loaded with all of your media will make you feel in complete control of your entertainment experience!

7. Handle business meetings via Wifi

Wifi is available on many flights these days, as airlines are becoming more tech savvy in their catering to those who are forced to work on the road. Attending a meeting via Skype or sending off important emails will make you feel more in a boardroom than in coach, with your flight attendant available for drinks and snacks!

8. Stretch out in an exit row

If you plan ahead you can grab a seat in the exit row, which gives much more legroom than the average coach seat. Pro Tip: be careful, because some airplanes have exit rows that do not recline!

9. Pre-board with your flight status

Certain airlines will let passengers of all sections board in a priority manner based on their status in a rewards program. Be sure to verify your status before your flight at check-in!

10. Get free food and drinks preflight!

Some of the best airport lounges offer free food, free booze, and free fun! No matter if you are first class or coach, the offerings are available as long as you are eligible! Check to see if you have a credit card that will get you into the lounge for free, or if your rewards status with the airline gets you in!

Is there a way you make a trip in coach feel like first class? Let us know in our comments section below.