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Travel News 10 Strange Objects That Can Go in Checked Luggage in 2019: Tasers, Pepper Spray and More!

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10 Strange Objects That Can Go in Checked Luggage in 2019: Tasers, Pepper Spray and More!

Can you bring a taser on a plane? Pepper spray? Bow and arrows? Firearms? Cattle prods? You’ll be amazed at what TSA allows you to take in your checked bags for a plane flight.

The list of what we can and cannot carry on plane flights is a long one. But when you look at the list from TSA a little closer, you’ll notice there are some things you wouldn’t expect to take with you for a vacation. From stun guns to pepper spray, here are some things it’s fine to pack in your suitcase.

Just make sure you put these items are safely stored in your checked luggage (and let the airline know you’re bringing it along) or you’ll end up being part of another list. And we don’t want that, do we?

1. Firearms

Yes, you can take your favorite gun along for a plane ride. But you must know that you need more than a nice hard-sided case with lock for any firearms. They cannot be loaded and ammo must be properly packaged in the same container as the firearm. To avoid any confusion, just call the airline ahead of your flight to let them know you’re bringing a gun with you. And follow any instructions they give you to the letter.

2. Ice axe

You’re flying off to some exotic locale to do a little mountain climbing. And you don’t want just any ice axe you can buy at your destination. You want YOUR ice axe. Well, you can bring it with you.

3. Sword

Anyone that’s flying or driving out for some cosplay or larping will want to take note. If you’re wanting to go for realism with a legit sword, then you can pack it (sheathed and securely wrapped, of course) and take on the plane in your checked luggage.

4. Meat cleaver

Let’s say you’re flying to Hollywood to pitch your idea of the next great slasher flick. And your baddie uses a meat cleaver. You can bring your very own cleaver along for the plane ride, saving you a trip to a cutlery shop.

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5. Pepper spray

There’s no denying that pepper spray is great to keep someone safe when they’re walking alone. It’s a must for someone traveling by themselves to a new destination. Luckily, you can bring it with you in a checked bag but no, pepper spray is not allowed in a carry on.

6. Billy club

Not much use for a billy club outside of the police or soccer hooligans, but it’s good to know they can stow it in luggage not going in the cabin.

7. Saws

For those of us that can’t be hassled with driving to Home Depot to get a new saw on your vacay, you can just pack it up for the trip.

8. Hammer

If you’re going to travel with a saw, then it makes sense to bring along your hammer for the fun of it.

9. Taser/Stun gun

This one falls into the same category as pepper spray in that stun guns are good for personal defense and stunning television news reporters. Even better is you can put a taser in your checked baggage and have it for protection on your vacation.

10. Throwing stars

Everyone has pretended to be an action movie star at one time or another, so don’t deny it. Maybe you thought rogue ninjas could take over your beachfront hotel. It’s good news that we’re able to take some throwing stars along to combat the bad guys.

Was there an item we forgot to mention on our list? Tell us in the comments section.

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