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15 weird items confiscated by TSA

People try to take all sorts of items onto airplanes. Here are 15 of the weirdest things taken from passengers by the TSA.

Your bags are packed and all set for the vacation of your family’s dreams. But you find yourself waiting a little longer than usual in security because TSA found something suspect in a traveler’s bag. And what they find you won’t believe.

“I would just say we have seen it all,” says TSA Press Secretary Ross Feinstein. There’s good reason to think they have seen it all when you consider over 1.8 million passengers are screened at more than 450 airports around the United States.

What do you do when you find these weird things people try to take on planes? You put ‘em on the Internet.

Feinstein explains, “We have been posting these items on our blog – – for years. We decided to start using Instagram to highlight the interested prohibited items passengers try to take on an airplane.

“While the vast majority of these passengers just ‘forgot’ these items in their carry-on bag, it delays not only that passenger, but others at the checkpoint, as many times screening has to be suspended until law enforcement arrives.”

So what kind of out-there items have been taken by TSA? Well, you just need to see for yourself.

1. 81 pounds of marijuana – Oakland International Airport

2. Throwing star with knives – McCarran International (Las Vegas)

3. Shotgun in a golf bag – Detroit Metropolitan Airport

4. Drugs in hollowed out book – Philadelpiha International Airport

5. Inert mortar round – Washington Dulles International

6. Dynamite alarm clock – Kansas City International

7. Cigarette stun gun – Cleveland Hopkins International

8. Hidden knives – various airports

9. Swiss Army smartphone – Logan International Airport

10. Wrapped grenade – Los Angeles International

11. Cobra cane – La Guardia Airport

12. Comb knife – Detroit Metropolitan Airport

13. Batarangs – Newark Liberty International

14. Stun gun phone – Ted Stevens Anchorage International

15. Flail – Chicago Midway International

Have you seen someone stopped for a prohibited item at the airport? Let us know about it down below.