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Travel Tips and Secrets from Airport Insiders

Become a better traveler by following the several travel secrets revealed by Reddit users. In other words, take the advice of travel insiders, and make sure your vacation starts off on the right foot.

Not only are we constantly looking for new ways to help you find cheap flights, we’re also on the look out for the best airline secrets and airport travel hacks. Reddit airport stories provide a wealth of information that can help create the perfect start to your vacation.

Recently, airport workers have been taking to travel Reddit threads to share their tips, and here are some of the best airport travel hacks we’ve found.

Bring an empty water bottle to the airport

One Reddit user shared a useful recommendation that will save you money and keep you hydrated. If you have an empty water bottle in your carry on luggage, you’ll be able to pass through security and fill it up at the nearest water fountain. This way, you can continue to drink aqua to counter the effects of air travel without having to hand over $3 (or more) for water at a store.

Give yourself at least 2.5 hours during a layover

Booking connecting flights is one of the great airline secrets that can reduce the cost of traveling. This tip is particularly relevant for business travelers. In most cases, it makes a lot of sense to leave at least 2.5 hours between the time of arrival at an airport and your next connecting flight. While most flights will show on time, if you leave yourself a cushion between connections, you will avoid missed flights. All airports have different layouts and procedures for making a connecting flight, so 2.5 hours leaves plenty of time to make your way to the correct departure gate without stress or worry.

Register for a TSA precheck online

Reddit airport tips are often aimed at frequent fliers, but they can make life easier for all travelers. The best Reddit travel tip we found taught us how to skip long TSA lines. “It’s called TSA Precheck, and almost any USA citizen will get approved. Simply fill out an application, pay $85, and wait,” suggested one Reddit travel insider.

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Take note of an airline’s 800 number

Gate attendants have very specific tasks they must complete in order to assist travelers in getting to their destination. When there are delays, flights are cancelled or overbooked, there’s often a large, annoyed crowd that surges towards any airline employee in uniform. Reddit airport stories suggest that a call to the airline’s 800 number and a conversation with a customer service representative is more likely to get results than talking to staff at the airport.

Prepare for security lines

A number of Reddit travel insiders noted that if passengers prepare to pass through a security checkpoint, the queue will move a lot quicker. Take off your belt, remove your shoes, make sure there is nothing in your pockets and take your laptop out of your carry on. If you’re ready to move through the body scanner when it is your turn then everyone will have a better airport experience.

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A smile goes a long way

Many of the travel tips from airport insiders remind passengers that it makes sense to be nice to everyone you encounter on your journey. Travel can be stressful, and when plans go wrong, or if you are not having a good day, it can be easy to get frustrated. As one Reddit user points out, “If you’re nice to the people doing your booking, baggage handling, customer service and seat assignments they will be more willing to help you.”

Of course, the greatest of all travel tips is to make sure you book cheap flights and compare all the best deals that will get you to your destination. To help you find the right flight at the lowest possible rate, check out the latest deals available on Skyscanner.