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4th of July Flight Deals & Best Time to Book

Search and compare cheap 4th of July flights with Skyscanner to save on your favorite summer vacation destinations. Don’t miss out on these travel deals!

Best 4th of July Flight Deals

The deals below are based on travel between Monday, July 1 through Sunday, July 7th.

Departure CityDestinationRound-Trip Fare*
SacramentoLos Angeles$152
Los AngelesSan Francisco$102
New YorkWashington D.C.$137
San FranciscoLas Vegas$135
OrlandoPanama City$203
Washington, D.C.Boston$189
CincinnatiFort Lauderdale$186

*These prices were valid as of May 22, 2019, and may not always be available. Always be sure to double check final prices before booking

When it comes to planning a vacation, timing is everything. The time you choose to search for a flight determines the cost and your options. Based on our flight data from 2018, here are some of the results that might help you plan out your next 4th of July trip for 2019 at the best cost.

When is everyone searching for 4th of July deals?

How early or late should I wait to start looking for July 4th flights? According to our records from last year’s holiday, the number of people searching for flights increased drastically during the week of the holiday. If you want more flight options and don’t want to have to compete against others planning a last minute July 4th trip, you should search any time other than the actual week of the holiday.

What month is the cheapest to book a 4th of July flight?

So we know that the week of the holiday is out of the question, but what month out of the year would be the best time to book a flight for 4th of July? When will you be able to save the most bucks for your flight? Based on our flight data from July 4th in 2018, March-May shows the cheapest cost with April having the cheapest flight deals in 2018. where travelers saved around 15% compared to booking flights in July.

What week is the best to search for 4th of July deals?

But let’s get even more specific. What week to be exact is the best time to get the best savings? Based on this year’s records, the best time to search for deals for 4th of July is 2 weeks and 16 weeks before the holiday. The worst time to search for flights however is the week of, the week before, and 19 weeks before the holiday.

How many days in advance do people book their flights for 4th of July? 

The average number of days people book their flights in advance is 66 days. The number of people who book flights for 4th of July increases as it gets closer to the date of the actual holiday.

What’s considered a good deal for 4th of July flights?

Now that you have an idea of when you should start searching for your flights. Your next question should be what exactly is considered a good deal? Most people spent around $200-400 with another large group spending around $400-600. On average, people spent about $834 for their flights on 4th of July.

Where should you travel for the 4th of July Holiday?

Here are the results of the most traveled destinations during the 4th of July in 2018. Maybe you want to travel to an area where a lot of people are going because there’s a lot of 4th of July celebration, or maybe you want to avoid the crowd and choose a place where the least amount of people are searching. You can also take advantage of that extra holiday and travel abroad to an international destination.

The Most Popular Domestic Destinations for July 4th:

The Most Popular International Destinations for July 4th:

Destinations that increase/decrease the most for 4th of July

How much more expensive is 4th of July than a regular travel time? The destinations that jump the most in price during the 4th of July are London, Seattle, Las Vegas, Cancun, and Minneapolis. The destinations that drop the most in cost are Orlando, San Francisco, and Atlanta.

Avg. Price Week Before 4th of July
Average Price 4th of July
% Markup
London, United Kingdom $876.29 $967.67 10.43%
Cancun, Mexico $415.47 $477.88 15.02%
Reykjavik, Iceland $545.57 $600.70 10.1%
Atlanta, United States $395.53 #311.09 -21.35%

Current 4th of July Deals for 2019

Want to start searching for the best deals for 4th of July in 2019? Use Skyscanner to help you find the best deals from your location. To do this, choose the “Everywhere” option when choosing a destination to travel to. The Skyscanner search engine will calculate the best deals for you based on your date and departure location.

Prefer to search for your own deal? Find and compare cheap flights for your ideal 4th of July travel itinerary

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