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6 more tips for saving on luggage

Tired of paying baggage fees at the airport? Try these helpful hacks to keep your travel costs down.

Travel costs can add up quickly, with airlines adding charges on your luggage. But you can’t fault them for wanting to increase the bottom line right? What? You can? Well, then good thing that we are on your side! Here are some tips to save on your luggage.

1. Don’t pay for your luggage at all

The first tip is the most simple, and the best: don’t pay fees for your luggage! Many airlines don’t charge for luggage costs at all, allowing travelers to take one or two pieces of checked luggage on board for free. This can save some major costs, as we have seen some airlines charge up to $100 per checked item!

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2. Carry-on, good sir

The carry-on is a blessing for all travelers, and most airlines allow you to bring a pair of carry-ons for your trip. Pack that sucker to the brim to avoid checked luggage fees all together, or pack it with heavier items to save on charges of excess weight for heavy checked items. Carefully measure the size of your carry-on before you get to the airport to verify it does not exceed the maximum size or you will find yourself forced to check it in (and pay the associated fees).

3. Treat Yo’ Self!

Going on a trip or vacation in a region with cheap clothing for sale? Pack super light and go shopping at your destination. In many cases you will be able to not only save money, but you will also have an excuse to add to your wardrobe. Plus, tailors can be extremely affordable in foreign countries, and there’s nothing better than a tailored piece of clothing. Utilize their services, it will be well worth it.

4. Box it up

An alternative to traveling with heavy luggage that will cost you a pretty penny to cart around is to ship yourself your items. With the post office offering flat rate boxes and reasonable shipping, in some cases it will save you money to send an item to your hotel in advance. If sending an expensive item or one with sentimental value be sure to insure it!

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5. Ship those memories

One of the biggest things all tourists love to do is purchase mementos from their trips. Magnets, masks, sculptures…the list goes on and on. An option that few people think to utilize though is having the company ship them the item versus having to carry it back on the return voyage. Or, even better, finding the exact items on Amazon or eBay at a fraction of the cost and ordering it that way.

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6. Pack efficiently

It is amazing how few people actually pack their luggage efficiently, and only bring what they need. Every country has either washer/dryers or laundromats, and though the idea of wasting precious time on cleaning clothes may not be on your to-do list, traveling through the many airports of the world with just a large backpack is a lot better than trying to lug around multiple pieces of luggage.

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