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6 reasons why Canadians need to use Skyscanner

Still looking for the perfect travel search engine? Here’s why you should be using Skyscanner for all of your travel needs.

There’s this common misconception that certain websites offer lower prices than others. While this is true to a certain extent, when it comes to travel, prices fluctuate all the time and no two sites are alike. however is a search engine that searches for flights, hotels, and car rentals across all the booking sites. You’ll literally have all the prices available to you through a single search.

Skyscanner has been searching for flights since 2003, and they average 40 million unique visitors per month—that’s more than the population of Canada! When you’re ready to book, you’ll be linked directly to the airline or travel agent to confirm your itinerary. There are no hidden charges or extra fees, so you’ll get the best price every time with minimal work. So here are six reasons why you should start using Skyscanner for your travel needs.

1. Searching is easy

Skyscanner gives you access to millions of flights from hundreds of airlines in seconds. All these choices might seem a bit overwhelming, but you can easily narrow down your search with all their filter options. Do you prefer a direct flight or do you want a stopover? Does a daytime or overnight flight work better for your schedule? Is duration and price your priorities? Just a few clicks and you’ll find the perfect flight.

2. You can find awesome flight deals

There’s no need to check those cheap flight deals websites when you can find your own with Skyscanner’s search everywhere feature. By selecting ‘everywhere’ as your destination and using a wide date range, Skyscanner will recommend you the cheapest destinations. As long as you’re flexible with your dates and location, then finding a deal isn’t that hard.

Alternatively if you have a set destination and dates in mind, Skyscanner can send you price alerts every 24 hours to let you know what the current prices are.

3. It’s the best search engine for discount carriers

If you’ve ever travelled to Europe or Asia then you probably know how awesome budget airlines are. From my personal experience, I find that Skyscanner is the best search engine to use when looking for discount carriers. Through them I was able to save $1,450 on airlines tickets when I travelled from Budapest to Amsterdam.

To maximize your search results, don’t forget to select ‘add nearby airports.’ Keep in mind that the prices quoted are for the base fare only. Budget airlines are famous for charging extra for everything.

4. You can search hotels and car rentals

With Skyscanner’s hotel search, you can compare prices from all the major travel sites. You’ll be able to find the best prices with a single search. Since Skyscanner is a search engine, you can still choose which site to ultimately book with.

The same thing applies to car rental searches. You can scan all the major car rental agencies around the world in seconds. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even search for RV rentals.

5. It saves your information

Once you’ve created an account, all your flight, hotel, and car rental searches will be saved automatically for you. There’s no need to constantly input all of your data over and over again. Best of all, your information is saved across all devices including your mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

6. It quotes you in Canadian dollars

This may seem trivial, but it’s incredibly convenient to have prices quoted in Canadian dollars. Yes, some other search engines also quote in Canadian dollars, but remember Skyscanner sources from multiple sites and they do the conversion automatically for you.

Keep in mind that if the site you choose to book from charges fares in U.S. dollars, then you’ll have to pay a foreign exchange fee of 2.5%. You can avoid this by simply applying for a foreign exchange free credit card in advance.

Final word

In the end, which search engine you use is really a personal preference—Skyscanner is a just great guide to help you get started. If you’re unsure about your next destination, they can even help inspire you with the Everywhere option.

Remember Skyscanner is a search engine. Even though they vet all their partners and will remove any untrustworthy ones, on occasion travellers have reported horror stories when booking through third party agents. If you want to give yourself one extra layer of security, book using the direct airline links that Skyscanner provides.

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