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7 secrets of finding the best low cost flights

Do you ever find yourself trapped in an endless hunt for the best flight deal on the web? What if you already missed the best deal? What if a better one comes along right after you've booked? Get ready for all of that anxiety to fly out the window, as we've gathered a list of tips and tricks to ensure you always get the best price.

So you’re ready to get out of the jungle of search engines and travel blogs. But just when is the best time to book? Take a look at these secrets to find out.

Secret #1: Book seven weeks in advance

The number crunchers and data junkies here at Skyscanner have been working hard to discover the perfect time to a score a cheap flight, and the results are in. Seven weeks is the ideal time to book for a short haul flight. Finding a great flight deal used to be all about booking at the last minute, as airlines were desperate to get rid of their empty seats. Today there are so many budget airlines and business travelers willing to pay big bucks at the last minute that it’s no longer the case. So don’t procrastinate, and start searching as soon as you start planning your next holiday.

Secret #2: Flood your inbox

Do you ever catch yourself constantly checking your email? Well, then this one is for you. If you’re constantly on the lookout for the deal of a lifetime, there’s no better place to search than the source itself. Signing up for newsletters from your favorite airlines will allow to get the best deals the minute they roll out. It’s like having an inside scoop on all the best booking prices. If you’re planning a quick weekend trip, keep a sharp eye on your email on Tuesday afternoons, since by that point most airlines will know if they are filled up for the weekend. If there are extra seats left on the plane the prices will be slashed and the deals will find their way right to you.

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Secret #3: Don’t set any limits

If you’re feeling a little flexible when it comes to your vacation destination, you don’t have to limit your search results. Search everywhere instead. With Skyscanner’s Everywhere feature you can find the cheapest time to fly to any destination in the world, be it domestic, international, you name it. (Only within this world though. We’re still working on searches to Mars.) It’s the perfect quick-fix to a bad case of wanderlust, or a sudden urge for a weekend getaway. Simply type in your search date and away you go to your mystery destination.

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Secret #4: Give yourself some credit

Unless you’re living off the land in a remote valley somewhere (and if you are we’re not sure how you have wifi) you’re going to be spending money. So why not spend it on a credit card that lets you save up points to use towards travel? Many people assume that travel cards aren’t worth it, as they come with extra costs that cancel out the benefits. But not all cards charge an annual fee. Once you sign up, just charge your gas, groceries and daily expenses to it, and start building up your points. That mid-morning trip to Tim Hortons could be paying your way to Southeast Asia.

Secret #5: Just make it to the weekend

Looking for another reason to love weekends? As it turns out, it may be the cheapest time to book a flight. According to an article posted on Business InsiderSunday is actually the best day to book. Many passengers still believe Tuesday to be the magic day of the week, however since most leisure travelers tend to book on the weekends, airlines will roll out deals to appeal specifically to this audience. So no more lazy Sundays! Hop on that computer and get to globe-trotting.

Secret #6: Make it a one way deal

Many people assume that searching round-trip for a flight will yield a better deal, and it’s just oh so convenient. But, if you’re really looking to some cash you might be better off booking two one-way tickets, rather than just one round-trip. This also gives you more flexibility in your travels, as you can fly into one airport, then head out from another. It’s ideal for long-haul or international travel especially.

Secret #7: Go on a 24-hour watch

Still can’t break away from the thrill of looking for flight deals? Some airlines have a policy where they will allow a free refund if you cancel your ticket at least 24 hours before departure. That way if you find a better deal, you can cancel and rebook a flight at a lower cost. Just make sure you’re airline has this policy before doing anything rash! You don’t want to end up under a heap of cancellation fees. If you’re interested in saving money, but don’t have time to check flights every day up until departure, you can set up a deal alert on Skyscanner. That way you can keep an eye on price fluctuations without all the extra work.