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7 tips for sleeping on long flights

Trying to get some shut eye on your next trip? Here are Skyscanner's tips on how to sleep on long-haul flights.

If you’ve ever taken a long haul flight, you’ll know just how hard it can be to fall asleep on a plane. After all, turbulence, loud passengers and tight spaces don’t make for the most relaxing space. Make sure to follow these tips to arrive at your destination feeling refreshed, well-rested and ready to enjoy your trip.

1.Avoid caffeine

While spending your layover at the airport Starbucks may seem like a good way to pass the time, it certainly won’t help you when you try to get some shut eye on the plane. If you really want to drink coffee while you wait for your plane, make sure it’s decaf.

2.Sit by the window

Sleeping can be a little difficult if the person next to you keeps trying to walk over you. Make sure you snag a window seat so you won’t have to worry about other passengers disturbing you on their way to the restroom.

3.Pack earplugs

Earplugs are an absolute must for anyone hoping to catch some z’s while flying. Noisy neighbors, screaming babies and passengers walking up and down the aisles can make a lot of noise, which won’t make sleeping any easier. Pop in your earplugs and sleep away!

4.Tell your flight attendant

Letting your flight attendant know you will be sleeping during the flight can save a lot of hassle. This way he or she will know not to disturb you when bringing around snack and drink carts, and they can inform you of the safety precautions before you settle down.

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5.Bring your own pillow

While long-haul flights are usually kind enough to provide pillows, let’s face it, they’ll never be as cozy as our own. Bring your own small pillow you know you will be comfortable on to help you sleep a little bit better. If you want extra neck support while you sleep you can also invest in a nice neck pillow to wear during the flight.

6.Try a sleep aid

Know you won’t be able to rest without a little help? Bring a sleep aid to take on the flight! Ambien, Dramamine, and Melatonin are a few good options for sleepy travelers. (Make sure to consult your doctor before trying any new medications.)

7.Select your seat when you get to the airport

Some airlines will allow you to change your seat at the airport when you check in. If they allow this try to find a seat in an empty row, or with at least one empty seat next to it, so you can spread out a bit more.

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