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Aer Lingus Black Friday Deals

Find transatlantic flights and cheap flights in Europe with the best Aer Lingus Black Friday Flight Deals. We will publish all the latest flight deals and promo codes for Aer Lingus on this page as they are announced!

Aer Lingus Black Friday Deals

Aer Lingus has started to offer Black Friday sale prices on flights this holiday, announcing 100 GPB discounts from select US flights.

Aer Lingus Black Flyday 2018 offers include: 

Travel must be made between January 8 and March 22, 2019, and flights booked by 7 pm (EST) on November 28.

Visit this page to book your Aer Lingus’ cheap holiday flight.

How to Book Aer Lingus Black Friday Deals on Skyscanner 

Find the best cheap travel deals by searching Aer Lingus Black Friday fares with Skyscanner.

  • Visit the Skyscanner homepage on or before Black Friday, November 23, 2018. 
  • Enter the origin airport and destination airport, together with the number of passengers, dates of travel and any other relevant information. 
  • For the widest range of Black Friday flight deals available, enter the month you are available for travel, rather than a specific date.
  • You can enter Everywhere instead of a specific destination to see all the flights from your airport of choice. 
  • Click search to see all flight deals, then select Aer Lingus on the left of the results page to refine your search to that airline only. 
  • Click on the flight deal that best fits your travel budget and confirm your Aer Lingus Black Friday Flight Deal

How to Book Aer Lingus Black Friday Deals on the Skyscanner App

Follow the same steps with the Skyscanner App to search for flights from your preferred origin airport, and then filter the results to only see Aer Lingus Black Friday Flight Deals.

Aer Lingus Flights on the Skyscanner App

Top Tips for Booking Aer Lingus Black Friday Flight Deals

Make sure you get the best deals on Aer Lingus flights on Black Friday 2018 with these tips:

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