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Airports Near Me: Fly from the Closest Airport in 2019

Explore options to start your flights from the closest airport to begin your next travel adventure. Starting with "airports near me" how can you find the best flight deals available?


Airports near me: How do I start a flight search?

  • Skyscanner allows you to search millions of flights to find the right deal from an “airport near me”.
  • Starting with an “airport near me” search will reveal the most convenient routes.
  • Setting up a Skyscanner account will mean you can receive flight deals in your inbox.
  • Considering a range of nearby airports expands the number of routes available.
  • Include “international airports near me” to see the widest range of flight deals.

Where do you want to start your journey? One common answer is “an airport near me“. This is a strategy based on convenience but can still allow you to find the best deal on flights. Ordinarily, it is smart to consider a variety of origin airports when searching out the best available prices for your next vacation. However, if the closest airport to you is your preferred plan then consider some ways to maximize your ability to find a bargain.

Add nearby airports to your search

If you have one “airport near me” that meets all your travel needs then that may be your regular starting point for all your journeys and you will be able to focus on the deals available from that starting point.

You may be familiar with other airports close to you, or you may be interested to find out other available points of departure. Either way, it could help widen your search for flight deals by selecting the “add nearby airports” button to search for flight prices for all airports that are near you. You can also select nearby airports at your destination.

If you happen to be leaving from a major city, there could be multiple options for airports near you. There could also be a distinction between airports that deal with regional flights and airports that operate international routes. Airlines can favour particular airports that operate as their hub in particular locations, opening up a range of destinations that you can access. Searching for nearby airports will give you the most chance of finding flights that meet your budget.

When you have the nearby airports function activated then it is possible to look through all the options before your select the one that works best for you.

Your results will appear something like this.

As you can see, in this case, a flight from New York to Miami could involve leaving from four different airports near you and arriving at one of two airports close to Miami. There will be different prices, flight times and airlines involved in each route. Skyscanner quickly helps you make sense of the cheapest, best and quickest deals available.

What is the closest airport near me?

Of course, you won’t always be starting your travels from what you would consider your home airport. There could be occasions where you have begun your journey by train or hire car and then choose to continue by airplane. Business travelers may need to interrupt a journey to attend an important meeting or conference in a hurry. If you are on vacation with some days available in your itinerary you could combine travel to a nearby attraction by plane.

It’s easy to identify the closest airport to you wherever you are in the world. If you enter the city or town closest to you then Skyscanner can direct you to the page that matches the closest airport to you. This may include a number of airports. The distance from the current location that you entered will be displayed. You can then evaluate your travel plans to find the best deal.

Mapping airports nearby

For a different perspective on available flights, you can also access the Skyscanner Flights Comparison Map function. This is useful for identifying deals as prices to destinations are displayed visually on the map and you can click individual maps for more information.

If you select what city you are traveling from then this will appear on the map and it is possible to look around the area nearby to identify other possible airports near you. This can give you a clearer idea of where you could be traveling from.

Narrowing down your search to the closest airport allows you to start planning your journey and see the most relevant flight results. Use all the tools available to you online and you will soon be on your way to your ideal destination.

Let’s take a look at some popular locations as an example. 

Fly From New York

Flying from New York: Airports near me

If you are searching for flights from New York then “airports near me” would include: Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), LaGuardia Airport (LGA), and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). Newark Airport is located in nearby New Jersey, roughly 18 miles southwest of Manhattan. LaGuardia and JFK airport are both located in different parts of the New York borough of Queens.

For flights from New York, international airports near me would be JFK and Newark airports. JFK is a major hub for domestic and international airlines, flights may be cheaper from this airport. 

Miami South Beach sunrise

Flying from Miami: Airports near me

If you are searching for flights from Miami, then airports near me would include Miami International Airport, which is 19 miles from Downtown and the best choice as your home airport to see flight deals for international airports near me. 

Other airports include Fort Lauderdale, 28 miles from Miami, and West Palm Beach, 74 miles away. As one of the major entry points to the United States, Miami International Airport operates routes to airports around the world, providing opportunities to find cheap flights.  

Fly from Las Vegas

Flying from Las Vegas: Airports near me

International airports near me when you are in Las Vegas would include Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS) which is the largest airport serving Las Vegas and the busiest airport in Nevada. Airlines including Delta, British Airways, JetlBlue and Southwest offer flight deals to this airport.

Flying from Dallas: Airports near me

International airport near me, when you are in Dallas, would be Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. There would also be the option of searching for airports near me and seeing results for Dallas Love Field airport. Flights from Dallas Fort Worth are likely to be cheaper. 

Flying from Washington: Airports near me

If you are in the Washington D.C. area, then you have three options for airports near me searches. Travelers fly from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) and Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI). This gives a variety of destinations for “international airports near me” searches. It is often cheaper to fly out of Dulles than it is to fly out of Washington National.

Fly from Hollywood

Flying from Los Angeles: Airports near me

There are five airports that serve Los Angeles and the surrounding region. To find deals in Southern California, the largest of the airports near me would be Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). There’s also Ontario International Airport (ONT), John Wayne Airport (SNA), Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) and Long Beach Airport (LGB). 

Setting a price alert to book the cheapest airports near me

When you have identified the airports near me that interest you, then a Skyscanner price alert will let you know when the cheapest deals are available. Pick out some routes from the destination airport of your choice, and you will receive emails with the best airfares available. 

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