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Travel News 2019 All-Inclusive Vacations with Airfare Under $500 Around the World

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2019 All-Inclusive Vacations with Airfare Under $500 Around the World

Looking for the best all-inclusive resorts complete with cheap airfare? We've researched the top destinations for all-inclusive vacations where the roundtrip airfare is under $500!

All-Inclusive Vacations with Airfare under $500

For thrifty travelers, an all-inclusive vacation can offer great value-for-money. Eat, drink, play– everything is included in the price of your stay. Scoring a cheap flight too? Hello, low cost, stress-free vacation heaven. 

We researched the top all-inclusive vacation destinations you can fly to for less than $500, roundtrip!

Here are our favorite all-inclusive resort destinations with airfare under $500 from the United States:

Tips for Scoring a Cheap All-Inclusive Vacation:

  • Start with the flight first! Flight prices (especially when traveling as a family) can quickly break the budget. Score a great airfare first, and figure out all-inclusive options second. 
  • Use Skyscanner’s “Everywhere” search option to see the cheapest destinations to fly to from your home airport. 
  • Searching for vacation deals can be a chore. Download the Skyscanner app to set Price Alerts and get notified directly to your cell when flight prices drop!

All-Inclusive Vacations with Airfare under $500: Top Destinations


Budget flights to Cancun can be found from all across the country and Cancun is perhaps the ultimate all-inclusive destination for every type of traveler. Whether you’re heading for Spring Break, a family getaway, or a relaxing solo retreat, there’s an all-inclusive haven waiting for you on Mexico’s Carribean coast.

Flights to Cancun can almost always be found for under $500 (and frequently for <$250) roundtrip from all over the United States! Be flexible with your travel dates (and use the Cheapest Month Search) to score the best flight deals.


All-inclusive resorts in Jamaica are as abundant as the island’s laid-back spirit. Visitors have been coming to Jamaica for years to limitlessly indulge in the delicious sunshine and heart-warming cuisine.

All-inclusive resorts on this island are some of the best in the world. Water sports, spa treatments, and world-class restaurants are available at many of the stunning, beachfront hotels.


Pick a Bahamian island that tickles your fancy and you’re sure to find an all-inclusive resort to match. Even better? Airfare to the Bahamas can be found from the mainland U.S. for pennies. 

Whether you want to swim with pigs (yes, really!) or dolphins and Caribbean Reef Sharks, the warm waters on these islands are the perfect escape from regular life for a while.

Puerto Vallarta 

The Pacific coast alternative to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta offers visitors the same all-inclusive options for a beach-meets-metropolis Mexican vacation. Ready for a fiesta? A fresh smoothie on a comfortable beach bed? Resorts here are designed to suit all types of travelers, from party-goers to siesta-seekers. 

Flights from the west coast of the U.S. are shorter and oftentimes cheaper, but wherever you’re located in the United States, flight deals to Puerto Vallarta can be found for under $500. 

Set a Price Alert to get notified when flights to Puerto Vallarta (or any of these all-inclusive destinations) drop in price from your home airport!


Hawaii may feel far away, but flight deals to these heavenly islands are well within reach. Cheap airfare is frequently available from the popular west coast cities (San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, etc.) but flights to Hawaii from Chicago, New York, and across the East Coast are also available for under $500.

Many all-inclusive resorts are available across the Hawaiian Islands. Go get your R&R on the beautiful beaches of Maui, Kauai, or Oahu– luaus and Mai Tais included.  

Need more inspiration? Check out this article on the best all-inclusive resorts around the world. 

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