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American Airlines Wifi: Your Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about staying connected while flying via American Airlines WiFi.

With every passing year, it seems that being off the grid for even a few hours is more and more of a hardship. Communicating with friends and family, checking in with the office, working on that one project that didn’t quite get done, or simply plugging in to watch the rest of that movie are all becoming less of a “wish you could” and more of a “angry you can’t.”

In response, American Airlines has begun offering wifi on most of its flights. Here are the details as of December, 2018. 

American Airlines WiFi: The Basics

American Airlines offers in-flight WiFi, via the Gogo service, on all domestic flights within the United States, and on international flights using a Boeing 77-3000ER, 787 Dreamliners, and some 777-200 airplanes. 

You can purchase WiFi on domestic or international flights while en route (see below). For domestic flights, you can also pre-purchase Wi-Fi as part of your ticket purchase or check-in process. 

American Airlines WiFi: Pricing

Pricing for American Airlines WiFi varies according to several factors:

  • All-day pre-purchased passes cost $16
  • A 2-hour pass purchased in-flight costs $12
  • A 4-hour pass purchased in-flight costs $17
  • An all-flight pass purchased in-flight costs $19

Frequent travelers can also opt for a month-long pass priced at $49.95 for flights within the United States, Mexico, and Canada. If you sign up for it, be advised that it’s an automatic renewal subscription. if you want it for a limited time, remember to cancel. There is no monthly pass for international destinations. 

American Airlines WiFi: Logging In

When logging in to American Airlines inflight connectivity, you have to first understand you have two options.

  • AA Inflight is a free option which connects you to on-board entertainment and options, largely what you could access from seat-back entertainment modules
  • Gogo Inflight is the paid service that lets you connect to the internet.

To access either, take the following steps:

  • Step One: Wait until you hear the announcement allowing you to use portable devices
  • Step Two: Activiate Wi-Fi connectivity on your device
  • Step Three: Open your browser
  • Step Four: Go to for the paid interntet connection, or or for the free portal. 
  • Step Five: Follow the prompts to complete your connection

If you’re connecting via a phone or tablet, you can also connect via the Gogo app or the American Airlines app. Most users have had a better experience when they downloaded the apps before boarding.

American Airlines WiFi: What’s Next

Two major announcement will impact the near future of WiFi on American Airlines flights. 

First, American Airlines has committed to both expanding and upgrading their WiFi equipment on all flights. This means you will be able to connect to the internet more often, and with faster speeds, in the comng years. 

Second, they have announced the intent to phase out seat-back entertainment consoles. Though they will offer tablets for a fee on planes without them, you’re better off remembering to bring your fully-charged device.