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Travel to Southeast Asia with These Amazing Flight Deals

The golden-sand beaches, picturesque rice paddies and massive ancient temples of Southeast Asia used to feel too remote. You’d have to book a flight with a long layover (or two) and arrive days later. Not the best use of your precious vacation days. Spoiler alert: That’s no longer the case!

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Southeast Asia is more accessible than ever for everyday travelers thanks to more airlines operating frequent flights. In fact, flights aren’t just more frequent but also more efficient (and lighter on your wallet) with United Airlines nonstop flights from the United States to Southeast Asia. 

Every single day, United Airlines runs two nonstop flights between San Francisco and Singapore Changi Airport, Southeast Asia’s massive transportation hub. This flight service is a huge win for travelers. By cutting out the layover, you’ll save hours of travel time each way (not to mention eliminating the annoyance of a layover and stress of a connecting flight).

Landing in Singapore gives you so many options. Not only is it one of the coolest destinations in the region—you have to experience Jewel Changi Airport’s Rain Vortex or go into the city and get a 360º view of the Singapore skyline from the top of Marina Bay Sands–but Changi Airport is also perfectly positioned to quickly fly you to any other location you might want to visit in Southeast Asia due to its amazing connectivity. 

Flight Deals to Southeast Asia

Travelers couldn’t ask for a better option than United Airlines’ twice-daily nonstop service. This world-class carrier decked out its aircraft with seatback entertainment, power outlets for each seat and in-flight WiFi. United Airlines was thoughtful about the flight schedules, too, giving travelers the option of arriving in the morning or evening (not the dreadful middle-of-the-night arrival that is common when you have a connection).

The most impressive thing about this flight is the price, and not just for those who fly out of San Francisco. We were able to find economy fares for as low as $845 roundtrip from cities coast to coast. Even East Coast travelers can find a great deal while reducing their journey from multiple layovers abroad to just one in San Francisco.

Flight Route Roundtrip Airfare*
Los Angeles – SingaporeFlights from $883
New York City – SingaporeFlights from $856
Mexico City – SingaporeFlights from $905
Vancouver – SingaporeFlights from $1146
Washington, DC – SingaporeFlights from $1053

How to Book a United Airlines Flight Deal

You can find flights on United Airlines by doing a search on Skyscanner (the lowest fares are typically on weekdays). Given the aircraft model, its capacity and the flight path, United Airlines’ service is typically the greenest option available, emitting less CO2 than the average flight on this route. Because of this, Skyscanner will bump United’s flight options toward the top of search results and highlight them as the greener choices.

To ensure you only see flight options for United Airlines, you can filter the search results by deselecting all airlines except United.

After selecting the itinerary you want, Skyscanner will send you to United Airlines’ website to complete your booking and, most importantly, select the seat you want before the plane fills up. If there was ever a good reason not to wait to book a long-haul flight, it’s this: To secure your ideal seat. Our tip for long-haul flights is to choose an aisle seat so you can stand up every so often and stretch your legs without needing to ask others to let you out.

Flight Deals Around Southeast Asia

Singapore is an exciting destination in its own right and definitely worth a spot on your Southeast Asia itinerary. This financial hub is where the East meets the West, but it’s still a land of age-old culture and cuisine, evident in its diverse neighborhoods and traditional Peranakan food that was born out of a fusion of Chinese, Malay and other regional influences (you have to try curry laksa and chilli crab).

As the gateway to Southeast Asia, Singapore puts travelers in an ideal position to land in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia or Vietnam in just two hours or less. The Philippines are three and a half hours away. Using Singapore as your base will allow you to maximize your time abroad. Plus, plenty of airline options keep competition high and prices low so you can easily add on another destination or two without price being much of a factor.

Check out some sample fares from Singapore throughout Southeast Asia 👇

Flight Route Roundtrip Airfare*
San Francisco – Singapore Flights from $845
Singapore – Malaysia Flights from $54
Singapore – Thailand Flights from $67
Singapore – Indonesia Flights from $60
Singapore – Vietnam Flights from $90
Singapore – Philippines Flights from $101

Getting to Southeast Asia used to be “the hard part.” But now that United flies to Singapore Changi Airport direct and at an affordable price, the region is much more accessible to Americans. Plus, the U.S. dollar goes far once you’re on the ground in Southeast Asia, so even a two-week vacation won’t break the bank.

Search Skyscanner for exclusive flight deals on United Airlines and lock in your vacation to Southeast Asia. 👇

*As of 20 Feb 2020