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Travel News Fourth of July: Independence Day travel tips

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Fourth of July: Independence Day travel tips

Flying to reunite with family. Scoring a sweet last-minute deal. Taking an epic road trip. Whatever your holiday weekend travel plan is, we’re here to help you ace it.

Get the gang back together

Bringing everyone together in one place is hard, especially when your friends and family are flying in from across the country. Our Price Alerts feature is here to help. It saves you time by keeping tabs on price changes on your saved routes. When the price is right, book the perfect flight to reunite you with the loved ones you’ve been missing.

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Right flight, right price

Not booked yet? No problem. We scan the whole market for the best deals on the most flights from every airline in the US. And you’ll always see the same options on our partners’ sites as we show on ours. So try something new for your last-minute Independence Day getaway with our Search Everywhere feature, and find an awesome deal to an unexpected destination right here, right now. 

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On the road again

Thinking of road tripping with the top down and the tunes up this holiday weekend? We’ve got you covered. Our brand-new road trip planner does the hard work for you, finding the best route for your travel time, taking care of your car rental, and more. Perfect for hitting the highway this Independence Day. Oh, and there’s need to fight over the stereo – give our road trip Spotify playlist a spin. It’s all killer, no filler.

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The smart money’s on booking your rental car ASAP – the closer we get to the long weekend, the faster the good rides get snapped up…

Overseas adventures

If you want to avoid the holiday crowds altogether, there’s still time to pack up and take flight. Hop across the pond to reconnect with the old countries – Athens, Greece, is a hot pick with its blend of ancient history and modern culture. And don’t worry, party people… Cancun is set to rage all summer long. Just be sure to follow the latest regulations and travel responsibly

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Get live travel info, including travel restrictions and quarantine requirements, from around the world with our interactive COVID-19 travel map.

Plan with confidence

Travel’s getting back to normal, which means now’s the perfect time to start planning your big holiday reunion. And we’ve created a bunch of tools to help you, including flexible fare filters, flight safety measures, hygiene ratings, and more. Check out our handy guide to planning and booking confidently during COVID-19. Then when it’s time to take flight, you’ll be good to go.

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Before you go…

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