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Where to find the sun in March

We know that travel is especially difficult right now. But alongside the latest COVID-19 travel advice and updates, we want to continue to inspire you with new travel content so that when the world opens its doors again, you'll be ready.

Spring is a notoriously hard time to find travel destinations that are both warm and dry. But, after the long winter months, our need for Vitamin C starts to hit a threshold. Along with the spring equinox, lengthening days send the wanderer’s mind wondering: “Where are the best places to travel in March?”

Many other guides around March travel focus purely on the temperature readings. After all, we are trying to find out where it’s hot in March. However, we like our sunny skies to come along with interesting culture and little chance of rain.

So, we compiled a list of the best places to travel in March that are dry (less than 3 inches/month of rain), not too hot (average temperature below 90F), and are a fresh destination to visit. 2021 is going to be a year of travel. March may be the perfect time for you to get back out there.

Disclaimer: Travel restrictions within the United States are a patchwork of county, state, and federal guidelines. Regulations, potential quarantine periods, and travel restrictions may exist at your destination. We recommend contacting your destination’s Secretary of State office and reviewing CDC guidelines before booking travel.

a field of rough desert plants before a small pond with a mountain in the background.
Phoenix is a favorite place to find sun in the early-Spring of March

Here are the 7 best places to travel in March 2020:

  1. Phoenix, Arizona
  2. Austin, Texas
  3. Sal, Cape Verde
  4. Puerto Escondido, Mexico
  5. Cartagena, Colombia
  6. Adelaide, Australia
  7. St. George’s, Grenada

Best places to travel in March domestically

1. Phoenix, Arizona

Coming out of a brutal desert winter, Phoenix experiences a humidity drop of 29% in March. If you want to know where’s a hot place in March, look no further. Finding the sun during these drier, pleasant days could not be easier. Phoenix boasts an impressive dedication to outdoor enjoyment: there are 200+ green spaces around the city including the Japanese Friendship Garden, or the Desert Botanical Gardens. The sun shines for over 10 hours a day across all of it.

In addition to the dedicated city green spaces, Phoenix is a launchpad for all sorts of other outdoor recreation opportunities. The Grand Canyon is a breezy four-hour road trip, in which urban hiking trails criss-cross the wild just 10 minutes outside the city limits. For an in-between adventure consider a climbing expedition to legendary crags around Flagstaff, Arizona. Phoenix is one of our best places to travel in March.

Days of Rain in March: 1″
Average Temperature: 77° / 54°
Best Reasons to Visit: Tons of outdoor space to enjoy the weather including parks, an arts district, and numerous public gardens. Phoenix offers an abundance of activities for outdoor enthusiasts.

2. Austin, Texas

ATX is a frequent suggestion for finding easy sun in the early spring of March. Its popularity is the real deal. Although Austin experiences some of its lowest rainfall all year, the entire Earth is in bloom around the state capital. March is the beginning of a yearly renaissance for plants in the Texas Highlands.

Austin’s city planning is great for a month where travel will be picking up and wanderers will want to be outside. The city’s Greenbelt system is an interconnected trail of parks that weave around the city providing biking, climbing, and other recreation opportunities. Just outside the urban sprawl, the Austin lake country provides a calm get away with fishing holes that are 70 miles long.

Amount of Rain in March: 2.8″
Average Temperature: 72° / 51°
Best Reasons to Visit:
Texas highland plants in bloom, a lively restaurant and outdoor scene including miles of interconnected recreation lakes.

A natural cave pool where swimmers are finding sun in march
Explore Barton Greenbelt during March in ATX

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Where to find sun in March internationally

3. Sal, Cape Verde

Many Americans haven’t even heard of these stunning islands off the coast of Western Africa, even though they’re closer to the U.S. than London, England! With nearly eight hours of sunshine every day in March, there are few better places to catch the rays towards the end of the winter. Direct flights can be found to Cape Verde from Boston.

If you want to island-hop in Cape Verde (also known as Cabo Verde), you’ll find volcanoes on Fogo and a more upbeat atmosphere on Boa Vista. All ten of these stunning islands off the coast of Senegal have their own flavor. Currently, Cape Verde has fairly moderate restrictions on travel; a negative COVID test is required from a max of 72 hours before arrival. Additionally, there isn’t a formal quarantine mandate at this time.

Days of Rain in March: 0
Average Temperature: 77° / 65°
Best Reasons to Visit:
Beautiful beaches, live music around-the-clock, world-class kite surfing.

4. Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Once place where it’s hot in March is Puerto Escondido. The town has long been a favorite for backpackers and surf-lovers, and this Oaxacan town has loads to offer beyond its many picturesque beaches. Local taquerias stuff their tacos with everything from smoked fish, to grilled shrimp, to fresh veggies loaded on spinach tortillas.

Puerto Escondido has a beach for every mood, from Zicatella’s surf vibes to the seclusion on Playa Coral and the sunsets from La Punta. Through March you should still be able to catch the end of the sea turtle release season at Baccocho, north of Playa Coral.

Although Puerto Escondido is one of our best places to travel in March, COVID may create limited opportunities. Air travel between the US and Mexico is ongoing, but the CDC currently has Mexico as a level 4 risk category. Mexico is requiring a pandemic questionnaire along with negative test results upon entry.

Amount of Rain in March: Less than 18mm
Average Temperature: 84° / 74°
Best Reason to Visit:
Tacos, tacos, beaches, and more tacos.

5. Cartagena, Colombia

Colombia offers a sun-filled escape in March. Wander the bustling streets of Cartagena and find distinctive cuisine like posta negra cartagenera while street bands spin a romantic soundtrack beneath your balcony.

If you’re looking for sunshine-filled fun, head out to the nearby San Bernardo islands. Casa en el Agua, an eco-friendly hostel, is a 25-year old wooden house built on a concrete foundation below the sea, making it the perfect “private island” escape for backpackers.

You could also head just a few hours along the Caribbean coast for a peaceful retreat to the mountains of Minca. In this magical mountain town, there is little more to do than to relax in wonder beneath some of the world’s most intoxicating natural features.

Thanks to a country of beaches, sun, and mountains, Cartagena is the perfect answer to the traveler’s question, “where is it hot in March?”. As it stands, Colombia’s national coronavirus restrictions are pretty light. However, restrictions and their relative enforcement vary drastically by locality. An updated pandemic immigration form is required to enter Colombia.

Days of Rain in March: 0
Average Temperature:
88° / 76°
Best Reason to Visit:
You can’t help but be happy when wandering Cartagena’s colorful streets in the sunshine.

The city of Cartagena Columbia where sun has been found in march

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6. Adelaide, Australia

Despite foreign travel to Australia being currently restricted, Adelaide is included in this list as an inspiration for what awaits us beyond the COVID-era. Not only is Adelaide a beautiful seaside destination, but it is also a cultural hub.

In addition to comedy and theatre, Adelaide excels at a different type of creativity: winemaking. The hills surrounding Adelaide have been at the heart of Australian winemaking since the beginning. Take winery tours and enjoy a glass of local Shiraz during the last warm month of the Southern Hemisphere summer. Then, head to the beach for a dip in the Southern Ocean. A tram will take you directly to Glenelg, a beautiful beach, from the center of Adelaide in 45 minutes.

There are plenty of opportunities for hikes to secluded beaches outside of the city, with chances to spot wild kangaroos along the way. COVID has currently closed the borders to non-Australians, but we’re looking fondly towards the days of art exploration & joey sightings to come.

Days of Rain in March: 3 days
Average Temperature: 78° / 61°
Best Reason to Visit:
Wine, kangaroos, and from Feb 14-March 15 visitors can experience the Adelaide Fringe Festival

7. St. George’s, Grenada

The Caribbean island of Grenada is best known as “The Spice Island” and visitors will get to experience this during tours of the centuries-old spice plantations and on their delicious dinner plates. Even the local music here has a special kick to it.

The tourist-focused restaurants on The Carenage (the main boardwalk) in the capital have menus full of local favorites like lobster rolls, fish Rotis, and Oil Downs (traditional meat and vegetable stew from the island). Next to The Carenage, water taxis wait to transport visitors to and from the most popular beach: Grand Anse. Grenada is a gem in our list of best places to travel in March.

Where it’s this hot in March, doing as the locals and “liming” around with a cold Stag beer is crucial. The rest of the time is easy to fill with visits to a crater lake in the island’s rainforest or scuba diving to the underwater sculpture garden. And speaking of masks: the CDC currently lists Grenada at a level 2 risk category for COVID. Travel to the island is ongoing, although numerous health precautions have been put in place including a 72-hour max. test, health screenings upon entry, and at least a four-day quarantine upon arrival.

Amount of Rain in March: Less than 3 inches
Average Temperature:
88° / 74°
Best Reason to Visit:
Spice plantation and chocolate factory tours — stock up on the local chocolate bars!

An orange boat on clear turquoise waters with green trees in the background

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Skyscanner’s interactive travel restrictions map is a great place to start planning a potential adventure. With our travel map, current info on worldwide travel restrictions is only a click away. The International Air Transport Association provides the data on what’s happening in your dream destination. As you begin to get back out there, travel safe and travel smart.

A white and orange map of places to travel in March

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There you have it! Several of our recommendations on where it’s hot to travel in March. Start planning your March travel with a flight search below. 👇

FAQs on the best places to travel in March

Where is hot in March?

Southern state are the best places to be for warm weather in March. Cities like Savannah, Charleston, and New Orleans are destinations with an abundance of outdoor amenities and fine Spring temperatures.

Where is it dry in March?

If you’re looking for dry weather in March we suggest staying south and heading west. We’ve mentioned Austin and Phoenix as cities with low rainfall. Scottsdale, Las Vegas, and Miami (believe it or not) make are suggestions with under 2″ of rain in the month.

Why is March a good time for travel?

The lack of sunlight in the winter is a big inspiration for people who want to travel in March. The days begin to get longer with the spring equinox and in a lot of destinations the rainfall is lighter as the month is a transition between two seasons.

When you find sun in March is it any cheaper?

Some destinations, such as Las Vegas, experience slower tourism in March. Sometimes this can end up in lower rates for folks who are looking to travel during this month. Due to a lot of travelers receiving credits and vouchers from airlines in 2020, we recommending booking early and booking flexibly.