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The Best Places to Travel Alone

These 10 countries are overflowing with activities for solo backpackers. Simple to navigate, easy to communicate, and generally safe- these 10 countries are our top choices for the best places to travel alone.

Whether you’re a first-time solo traveler or a seasoned professional at traveling alone, certain places around the world are exceptionally perfect for adventuring by oneself.

A high availability of good quality hostels in these locations makes it easy to spend less money and to socialize more. Getting from place to place is (typically) simple. Each of these 10 countries is accustomed to tourism, friendly towards foreigners, and generally safe for both men and women to travel without backup.

Plenty of opportunity for unique adventures can be found, whether it’s surfing, waterfall trekking, sampling the local food and drinks, hiking, or exploring cultural sites.

Here are our top choices for the best places to travel alone:

  1. Thailand
  2. Croatia
  3. Portugal
  4. Japan
  5. Ireland
  6. Canada
  7. Mexico
  8. Colombia
  9. Greece
  10. Australia

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1. Thailand

The ultimate backpacker destination, Thailand is overflowing with everything you want on a solo adventure. The smiley Thai people are welcoming to western tourists and the backpacker’s route through the country is well worn.

Beaches, jungles, and cities are all worth exploring here, and it’s easy to visit all three during your journey. Street food is cheap, delicious, and abundant. If you plan your trip accordingly, holidays like Loy Krathong and Songkran provide genuine, unforgettable cultural experiences.

In particular, the magical, northern city of Pai is a remote oasis for visitors on solo journeys.

thailand fields at sunset

2. Croatia

The royal-blue Aegean surrounding towering city walls and descending orange roofs: this is the image of Dubrovnik that draws in travelers.

As you venture outside Dubrovnik’s walls, waterfall-strewn national parks and seaside promenades are ideal spots to meander alone. Whether you want to stay by yourself and escape the world for a bit, or you’re looking to meet like-minded travelers, you can escape to Croatia’s islands to find the tranquility and/or the wild nightlife you’re searching for.

waterfalls and trees with clear water croatia

3. Portugal

According to the Global Peace Index, Portugal is the #3 safest country in the world. Some of the best hostels in the world are in Lisbon, making it a backpacker-friendly place to mingle and explore.

Beyond Lisbon, this small but diverse country offers endless ways to entertain yourself: surf in Ericeira, beach-hop the Algarve, wine taste in the Duoro. Most importantly, if you hear the words “local cuisine” in Portugal, be sure to get involved.

portugal cobblestone alley with flowers and tables

4. Japan

In terms of safety, it doesn’t get much more secure than Japan. Like Portugal, it’s one of the top 10 safest countries to visit in 2018.

Sushi train restaurants are perfect for eating at alone (no-judgment zone,) and it’s a very simple country to navigate, even for non-Japanese speakers. City-lovers can explore Tokyo and Osaka, while Kyoto and Nara have impeccable temples and nature.

woman standing with umbrella in tokyo with mountain in background

5. Ireland

Ireland’s beauty for solo travelers is in its simplicity. Irish people are generally humble, friendly, and happy to advise you on how to best experience their country.

Looking to live on the edge and experience some of nature’s best? Head to the stunning Cliffs of Moher where you can dangle your feet over the edge of a lush green precipice and gaze out over the wild Atlantic.

If you want to party your solo trip away, down some Guinnesses in Temple Bar by the river in Dublin. Not feeling too talkative? Head to Cork, kiss the Blarney Stone and enjoy the gift of the gab you’re rumored to receive.

bar lit up at night in dublin

6. Canada

Pick any city in Canada to begin your journey traveling alone and it’s sure to be the start of an epic adventure. Canadians have a well-deserved reputation as a friendly bunch and their nature is unparalleled.

Canada is at its best in every season, from winter skiing at Whistler to kayaking on Banff’s lakes in the heat of summer, you can’t go wrong. The national parks are jaw-dropping for planned solo hikes and the major cities are all safe and enjoyable to explore.

man sitting alone with lake and mountains in canada

7. Mexico

Mouthwatering tacos and salsa-drenched street food. White sand beaches on Carribean blue seas. Ancient Mayan Ruins in magical jungles. Deep sea fishing. Underground cenotes of crystal clear waters. Vividly painted cities of every color. Tequila-fueled fiestas. A lake of seven colors.

There is so much to experience across Mexico, it’s the perfect place to travel alone. Take it all in at your own pace.

Tulum is a hot spot for solo travelers looking to combine the best of Mexico’s beaches, local life, nature, and historical sites. (And to brush up on their Español.)

tulum dock stretching out into carribean mexico

8. Colombia

Colombians are more than happy to shed the negative, outdated image of their country and in doing so, they’re welcoming travelers to their homeland with open arms.

The must-visit cities of Cartagena, Medellin, and Bogota all have a huge network of hostels, full of solo backpackers, and it’s incredibly easy to make friends for adventures off the beaten track.

Whether you want to spend a few nights in the middle of Minca’s jungles, camp in the desert, or lose all touch with the outside world on a pristine island, it’s all part of the solo traveler route in Colombia.

colombia green jungle

9. Greece

Greece is the perfect place to solo backpack if you’re looking for a relaxing, inexpensive getaway.

Island hopping by ferry is an easy way to experience different parts of the country and hostels can be found on all the popular islands. Pita kebabs are perfect for a personal picnic on the beach, or you can share some mezes and a carafe of local wine amongst new friends.

shipwreck beach with blue water and cliffs greece

10. Australia

Australians are some of the most well-traveled people in the world and, likewise, they know how to welcome visitors to their home turf.

Hike solo through the bush and find wild kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, parrots, and more. Find surfers’ paradise near Bells Beach, The Gold Coast, or Perth. Sail, snorkel, and venture between rainforests and white sand beaches on the Whitsundays. You’re bound to find friends Down Under, in both the friendly locals and the fellow wanderlust-filled visitors.

green trees and white sand beach australia
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