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Best Time to Book Flights for Travel on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Wanting to skip the lines and travel over Black Friday and Cyber Monday instead? Skyscanner has analyzed data from 2017 to bring you the best time to book flights for travel during Black Friday/Cyber Monday in 2019.

Thinking about traveling on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? The Skyscanner team analyzed data from last year to predict the cheapest time to book flights for Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Here’s what you need to know:

What is the Cheapest Month to Book Black Friday & Cyber Monday Flights?

Based on our data, if you are looking to travel during Black Friday/Cyber Monday, the best time to book is September. Flights booked during this month cost an average of $378, which is 7% cheaper than Black Friday & Cyber Monday flights booked during other months of the year.

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When is the Best Week to Book Black Friday/Cyber Monday Flights?

September is the best month to book Black Friday & Cyber Monday flights, but if you are really trying to find a great deal, then your best chance is to book 8 weeks in advance.

Booking between 4 and 13 weeks in advance will also see some savings, but booking at the 8-week mark will give you an average savings of 12% off the usual fares.

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Popular Domestic & International Travel Destinations for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

The top destinations for traveling during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend include some of the best vacation places in the world. Choose from beach vacations, city breaks, or exciting international trips.

Based on Skyscanner’s data, these were the most popular domestic and international destinations for people traveling over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday in 2017:

Domestic Destinations International Destinations
New York Cancun, Mexico
Las Vegas Mexico City, Mexico
Miami Toronto, Canada
Los Angeles London, UK
Chicago Havana, Cuba
San Francisco Vancouver, Canada
Orlando Montreal, Canada
Denver San Jose Cabo, Mexico
Atlanta San Juan, Puerto Rico
Washington Paris, France

Is Traveling During Black Friday & Cyber Monday More Expensive than Usual?

Have some flexibility in your travel dates? We recommend traveling the week before Black Friday/Cyber Monday to save up to 50% in some instances on your flights. Actual flights on Black Friday/Cyber Monday tend to increase in price in comparison to flights the week before.

The destinations that see the biggest increase in price for travel during the BF/CM weekend are:

  • Miami (+49.54%)
  • Orlando (+43.33%)
  • Los Angeles (+25.4%)
  • New York (+29.14%)

What is the Cheapest Black Friday/Cyber Monday Destination?

While many of the popular destinations actually increase in price for travel on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, there is one domestic destination that actually decreases in price.

Flights to Boston are an average of 5.81% lower compared to flights the week before.

How Much is the Average Black Friday/Cyber Monday Flight?

For those who traveled between November 23rd-26th in 2017, the average Black Friday flight was $432.

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Best Time to Book Black Friday/Cyber Monday Flights

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