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Best Time to Book Flights to Los Angeles

Find the lowest flight prices to Los Angeles when you book airline tickets at the right time. Skyscanner has a handy set of tools perfect to find the cheapest travel deal.

Best Time to Book Flights to Los Angeles

The best time to book flights to Los Angeles, on average, is

  •  3 weeks in advance for 11% savings
  • January is the cheapest month to visit the City of Angels for 23% savings

Below is a breakdown of the best time to book for popular routes to Los Angeles.

Departure FromBest Time To Book To Los AngelesCheapest Months to Fly*
New York4 months in advanceJanuary, May, September
San Francisco 5 months in advanceJanuary, April, May
Chicago5 months in advanceJanuary, February, September
Atlanta6 months in advanceJanuary, February, September
Miami4 months in advanceJanuary, February, September
Washington 5 months in advanceJanuary, September, October

Discover the Californian lifestyle when you fly to Los Angeles for an exciting vacation in the bustling urban landscape or to enjoy sun-kissed moments by the beach. Los Angeles is a huge, sprawling city to explore, with distinct areas that have their own characteristics and attractions.

One of the most popular things to do in Los Angeles is to visit Universal Studios Hollywood, the film studio and theme park. There are, of course, many landmarks and venues across the city associated with its strong connection to the movie industry. Other places of interest include Getty Center, Griffith Park, the Hollywood sign and Rodeo Drive. Then of course there is the Los Angeles beach lifestyle.

Skyscanner has created a few neat tools that can help you find the best time to book and increase your chances of securing the cheapest prices on air travel. To save the most money with flights, we recommend using our new Best Time to Book Flights to Los Angeles tool, Cheapest Month Search feature and setting up Price Alerts.

Skyscanner’s Best Time to Book tool is based on historical booking data from all throughout 2018. While we cannot predict exactly which factors may impact flight prices in 2019, we have analyzed a considerable amount of data to allow us to identify clear flight pricing patterns that we would expect to be replicated this coming year.

These results should be considered as a guide for travelers and only as a strong recommendation from Skyscanner, based on advanced data analytics, on how to save the most money booking your next flights. 😊 Rest assured, there will never be the perfect date to guarantee when flights will be the cheapest. However, Skyscanner will always be able to find you the cheapest deals right now. 

Other Handy Travel Tips and Hacks

Use the search tool below to search for flights to Los Angeles. 

Best Time to Book Flights to Los Angeles

Cheapest Months to Fly to Los Angeles

Los Angeles International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. There are regular non-stop flights from major cities across the United States and routes to international destinations. Cheap flights to Los Angeles are available from domestic locations including Denver, Orlando, San Francisco, Atlanta, New York and Seattle.

Flights to Los Angeles tend to be more expensive during the peak summer season. The best months to fly to Los Angeles include January, February, and September for the cheapest deals from anywhere.

Cheapest Time to Fly to Los Angeles

While there is a great range of fares available for flights, historical flight data for US travelers suggests that there is a particular period where you have the most chance of scoring cheap deals.

The best time to book flights to Los Angeles is 3 weeks prior to departure when you could secure a 11% saving from the average ticket price. If you begin to look for flights around 3 weeks before you wish to travel then you have a strong chance of saving money on your airfare.

Cheap Airline Tickets Anywhere, Anytime

Skyscanner allows travelers to compare all available airfares to select the best deal. Alongside non-stop flights to Los Angeles there may be other options with connecting flights that may involve a longer travel time but could generate considerable savings.

Select “entire month” when making a flight search to see options for airfares across different days. If you select “cheapest month” then you will be able to see the current time of year when the lowest prices are available. An early search 3 weeks before departure may offer better rates for flights.

Also, if you do consider visiting other cities, check out Skyscanner’s analysis on best time to book flights from the US to traveler’s most popular destinations around the world.

Price Alerts for Best Time to Book

Skyscanner’s website has many resources and tools that help you to focus on the best prices available. To find the best time to book flights to Los Angeles, set a Skyscanner Price Alert and monitor changes in airfare so you can be sure you will not miss the best time to book your travel to Los Angeles.