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Best Time to Book Flights to New York City

New York City, known for skyscrapers and pretty much the epicenter of EVERYTHING in the world. A must see city no matter where you are from. There are ways to travel to NYC on a budget. Find cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals right here on Skyscanner.

Skyscanner has crunched their numbers from 2018 to estimate the best time to book flights in 2019 to New York City. We’ve looked into information such as how many weeks in advance to book, the cheapest month to book flights, when to travel for the best savings, and when to book from specific origin cities. Take a look at our findings below.

The Cheapest Month to Book Flights to New York

  • Flights booked in January and February are estimated to be the cheapest in 2019, at almost 14% off the average ticket price for the year
  • Avoid booking in June, where prices seem to be the highest compared to the other months
Book in January & February for the cheapest prices. Avoid booking in June

When to Travel to New York

Flexible on when you can fly to New York? We’ve looked into 2018 data to recommend the best months to travel to optimize your savings:

  • Travel in January for up to 19% savings, and in February for almost 16% off the average yearly flight price
  • Avoid visiting New York in the summer months (June-August), where flight prices increase by up to 11%
Travel MonthAvg. Flight Price

How Many Months in Advance to Book Your Flights

Based on 2018 data that looks at flight bookings from the United States to New York City, we recommend to book your flights at least 1 month ahead of your departure date. See the table below for trends on flight prices per days out. As you can see, booking travel right before your departure date results in much higher prices.

Book your flights to NYC at least 1 month ahead of your departure date

Best Time to Book Flights to New York from Popular Origin Cities

Below is a breakdown of the best time to book flights for popular routes to New York City based on 2018 booking data.

Departure From
Best Time To Book Flights To New YorkCheapest Month To Travel
Miami3 months in advanceFebruary/October
Chicago4-6 months in advanceFebruary/April
Los Angeles2-3 months in advanceFebruary/April/October
Atlanta3 months in advanceFebruary/March
Orlando3 months in advanceFebruary/May

Visiting NYC

A visit to New York City provides a dazzling array of options for travelers to enjoy their stay. There’s iconic American landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Grand Central Station and Rockefeller Center. Then there’s the cultural melting pot of Midtown Manhattan or Brooklyn with their celebrated restaurants and cool hangouts. Make your visit to the Big Apple extra special by finding the best deal for your flights to New York.

Don’t forget to take the subway to all the boroughs of New York City. 

There are key steps you can take to find the best time to book and increase your chances of securing the cheapest prices on air travel. This includes using our new Best Time to Book Flights to New York tool, Cheapest Month Search feature and setting up Price Alerts.

Best Time To Book

*Skyscanner’s Best Time to Book tool is based on historical booking data from all throughout 2018. While we cannot predict exactly which factors may impact flight prices in 2019, we have analyzed a considerable amount of data to allow us to identify clear flight pricing patterns that we would expect to be replicated this coming year. These results should be considered as a guide for travelers and only as a strong recommendation from Skyscanner, based on advanced data analytics, on how to save the most money booking your next flights. 😊 Rest assured, there will never be perfect date to guarantee when flights will be the cheapest cheapest.

Cheapest Months to Fly to New York

Cheap Airline Tickets to New York from across the United States are available with direct flights departing from cities including Cincinnati, Knoxville, Savannah, Orlando, Miami and Myrtle Beach.

Cheaper flights are often available in September, October and November. It’s possible to compare prices across the three airports that serve the New York Metropolitan Area

All three have excellent transport links to reach Manhattan or the other New York Boroughs.

Best Time to Book Flights to New York

There’s a variety of options available to you when you choose to fly to New York. It’s possible to compare prices with Skyscanner across the airports that serve New York to find the best deal.

The best time to book flights to New York is seven weeks prior to your departure date.

Take in the sights all over Manhattan and every borough of New York City.

Based on historic exit data looking at overall US travelers, you are likely to make a 10% savings from the average ticket price if you choose to wait until 7 weeks before your flight to confirm your reservation.

The wide range of flights available means there are options for the time of day you travel, airline you choose and connections you take to make your journey to New York.

Cheap Airline Tickets Anytime, Anywhere

To find the best deal for airline tickets to New York, try to be flexible with the dates that you wish to travel. There can be wide price differences from day to day so compare your options using the Skyscanner search tool to see the best deals available. If you choose Whole Month instead of a specific date on the route you select then you will see the full range of prices to choose from before you confirm your flight. You can also select the Cheapest Month option to see the best flight prices available in the year.

Cheap Flights Month View
Extremely cheap, last minute flights from anywhere in the world.

Also, if you happen to be travelling to other cities later on, check out our Best Time To Book Flights analysis for the United States. Skyscanner has got you covered for flight planning to the most popular destinations around the world.

Price Alerts for Best Time to Book

Skyscanner Price Alerts are the most effective way to track changes in airfare. If you wish to set up a free alert then you can receive email updates that will allow you to follow the cost of your flights before you confirm your booking. Monitor the price and look for the best time to book your flights to New York.

Deals listed are based on the lowest estimated price for return tickets at the time of publishing. All prices are subject to change and/or availability.

*Savings indicated are based on the percentage difference in price between the deal shown and the median price for the route.

*Prices shown on this page are estimated lowest prices only. Found in the last 15 days.

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