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The Best Time to Visit Thailand for Your Next Trip

Thailand is the Land of Smiles—especially if you go at just the right time of year. Whether you plan to temple-hop in Chiang Mai, island hop in Phuket or simply hop between air-conditioned shopping malls in Bangkok, when you visit Thailand is just as important as where you go. Skyscanner has carefully researched the best time to visit Thailand, including when to book Thailand flights for the best deal.

When is the Best Time to Visit Thailand?

Thailand is great for travel 365 days per year, but certain factors make visiting during some times of the year preferable to others:

  • Weather throughout Thailand
  • Places you include in your Thailand itinerary
  • Thailand flight deals to popular cities
  • Prices of Thailand flights in the past

On the other hand, Thailand is a place where locals are pretty spontaneous, so you could just as soon find an incredible Thailand flight deal on Skyscanner and throw logic out the window all together.

When to Visit Thailand for the Best Weather

We recommend visiting Thailand during the “shoulder” months of October, November, February or March. These months experience dry and relatively cool weather, but will allow you to enjoy Thailand’s top attractions without the crowds that define the Christmas holidays or the country’s annual Songkran New Year celebration.

On the other hand, some people like traveling in Thailand during the rainy season, which lasts between approximately May and September. Prices tend to be much lower and crowds tend to be smaller. Rain in Thailand is intermittent, which means that if you can tolerate staying inside a few hours each day, you can reap some big travel benefits.

The Top Flight Deals to Thailand

OriginDestinationRound-Trip Price
San Francisco (SFO)Bangkok (BKK)$438
Los Angeles (LAX)Bangkok (BKK)$537
New York (JFK)Bangkok (BKK)$439
New York (JFK)Chiang Mai (CNX)$489
Los Angeles (LAX)Chiang Mai (CNX)$438
Chicago (ORD)Bangkok (BKK)$538
Miami (MIA)Bangkok (BKK)$712

**The Prices above are valid as of 4/23/19 and are subject to change. Be sure to check whole month prices to see the best time to visit Thailand

When to Visit Thailand’s Top Destinations

Where in Thailand you travel directly impacts when you should visit, especially when it comes to these popular Thailand travel spots:

  • Bangkok: Bangkok is great 365 days per year, thanks to a variety of indoor activities to keep you busy, even during rainy months between June-September. Keep in mind that Songkran (Thai New Year) during early April can be crowded, with high hotel occupancy—and prices.
  • Chiang Mai: Songkran is also popular in Chiang Mai, the hub of Thailand’s north. Another reason to visit Chiang Mai in January or February as opposed to March or April? Yearly crop burning results in choking smog at the end of the dry season.
  • Phuket: It can rain year-round in Phuket and the surrounding Andaman Sea, but visiting between October-March is usually a good bet for great weather. Avoid Christmas and February’s Chinese New Year, when hundreds of thousands of foreigners flood Phuket’s hotels.
  • Koh Samui: Upmarket Koh Samui, part of the Chumphon archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand, remains un-crowded most of the year due to its relative inaccessibility. An important exception is during the full moon each month, when nearby Koh Phangan hosts one of Asia’s biggest beach parties.
  • Koh Chang: The largest of island of the Trat archipelago near Thailand’s maritime border with Cambodia, Koh Chang is one of Thailand’s wettest islands. Travel here in November or March to maximize your chances of sun.

Of course, you shouldn’t worry if you can’t travel to Thailand during these times. Magic can happen in Thailand 365 days per year!

When is the Cheapest Time to Fly to Thailand?

It can be difficult to find an affordable flight to Thailand, especially if you’re not flying from a major airport. Skyscanner has analyzed flights in 2018 from the US to Thailand to predict when you should travel in 2019.

Based on historical data, we suggest flying to Thailand in April, followed by November and September. Prices in April can be up to 15% cheaper than the yearly average ticket price, so you’ll be able to splurge on other areas of your vacation.

When is the Best Time to Book a Flight to Thailand?

While airlines are constantly changing prices (every minute!), we can use last year’s booking patterns to best predict when you should book flights to Thailand in 2019.

Based on historical booking data, we recommend booking your flights to Thailand in August to save as much as 6%. If you’re unable to book in August, the next best months are September and December. Avoid booking your flights in June, where flight prices are 10% more than the average yearly ticket price.


The only thing better than a fresh coconut on the beaches of the Andaman Sea? Using Skyscanner to book cheap flights to Thailand at just the right time of year! Whether you spend a whirlwind week in Thailand split between the spiritual north and tropical south, or hole up in Bangkok for a week of shopping and street food, begin your Thailand flight search below. 👇