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Best Time to Visit Greece

Ready to explore Greece but don't know the best month to visit? Here are the pros/cons of a trip to Greece during different times of the year and when to book for the cheapest flights based on our data from last year.

So When is the Best Time to Visit Greece?

For those wanting to experience the Mediterranean vibes of island hopping through the Greek isles, the best month to visit is in September.

The islands are still sunny, warm, and open for business in September, but significantly less crowded and expensive than they are during the popular summer months.

Any Alternatives?

If you’re wanting to visit the Greek islands, it’s not recommended to plan a trip during the winter months as the tourism industry essentially shuts down during the winter season. (And it’s a chilly time for a beach holiday, regardless!)

However, Athens, Thessaloniki, and some of the other Greek metropolises are open for visitors year-round and you’ll be able to find some killer deals and monuments nearly to yourselves if you choose to visit from November-February. But be sure to pack a coat!

When to Visit Greece Based On…

WeatherJune-September are the warmest in Greece.
SwimmingThe ocean and air temperatures are warmest in August,
making it the month most pleasant for swimming.
AthensBecause everyone is vacationing on the islands in
August, they leave the capital city of Greece nearly
deserted and great for warm, crowd-free exploring.
To Save MoneyShoulder Season: March/April and October/November
To Avoid CrowdsThe least crowded time to visit is during the winter
months, but be sure to confirm that your desired
destination is still up-and-running in the off-season.
SightseeingThe shoulder season is also the best time to visit the
many archaelogical sites of Greece when there are
lesser crowds and cooler weather.

Some Tips on the Best Time to Visit Greece:

  • The winter months aren’t freezing like elsewhere in Europe, but rain is common November-February. If you choose to visit during the winter, pack accordingly!
  • If you do want to visit the islands during winter, Santorini and Crete are your best bets as many other islands shut down to tourism. Crete, in particular, offers visitors other opportunities for activities beyond the beaches.
  • Athens becomes incredibly crowded during Easter week so try to avoid travel to the capital during this time.

When is the Cheapest Time to Fly to Greece?

Here at Skyscanner, we have the ability to analyze the data from millions of flight searches to help determine the best time to book a flight and when to travel to any given destination.

Here’s when to book for the cheapest prices on flights to Greece (based on flight booking data from 2018):

  • We predict November will be the cheapest month to fly to Greece with prices up to 18% cheaper than the average yearly flight price. 
  • Traveling to Greece in July is likely to be the most expensive. We expect costs during this month to be as much as 16% higher than average.

When is the Best Time to Book Flights to Greece?

After analyzing our data on flight bookings from last year, here are our predictions on the best time to book flights to Greece in 2019:

  • The cheapest months to book a flight to Greece: September and October, followed by November
  • Booking a flight in September can see as much as 13% savings compared to the average yearly flight price
  • The most expensive months to book a flight to Greece: May and June

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