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The 5 Best Vacation Spots from Someone Who’s Been Around the World

Looking for advice on your next trip? Check out the top 5 vacation destinations according to a young man who's traveled to every country on Earth.

  • The Maldives
  • South Africa
  • Principe Island
  • Socotra Island
  • Italy

Growing up in the Danish countryside where there wasn’t much to do, Henrik decided at an early age that travel should be a priority.

In 2006, he began his journey out into the world. Ten years later, he had visited every country on earth, and on a shoestring budget. As you can imagine, Henrik has tons of advice and experiences to share, which you can check out on his blog.

We were lucky enough to have Henrik share his favorite vacation spots around the world, for you to take into account when planning your next destination:

1. The Maldives

The Maldives is the ultimate place to relax. The crystal-clear water is just more beautiful than anywhere (although the Seychelles and Bora Bora might be comparable).

The Maldives has a lot more resorts than the other two, and it might be one of the reasons you get a lot more for your money here. The best tip is to go in July when the weather is almost the same as in December, but the rates a lot lower.

I have spent more than two months in the Maldives as I simply love exploring the different islands. Try a search in July; you might be surprised that the Maldives is actually not that expensive.

For an extraordinary stay, I can highly recommend Gili Lankanfushi and Soneva Fushi. I recommend them over the others as they deliver in both food, service, and villas.

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2. South Africa

South Africa makes the list because of its diversity. The country has a lot to offer: safaris, great food, beautiful nature, vineyards, beaches, and great cities like Cape Town (one of my favorite cities in the world). Their currency is weak, making it extraordinary value for money.

Tip: Check out the magazine Eat Out‘s annual Top 10 list of restaurants. Incredible dining experiences at a much lower price than in Europe.

For a wonderful experience, I can highly recommend Singita Lodges if traveling on a safari. In Cape Town, Cape Grace and Mount Nelson Hotel are two world-class hotels in the city. Delaire Graff and Babylonstoren are truly great if you travel near Stellenbosch.

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3. Principe Island

Sao Tome & Principe is a former Portuguese colony located in the Atlantic Ocean off the African coast. While you first have to arrive from an international flight in Sao Tome, getting to Principe on a domestic flight is an absolute must do.

Approximately 200,000 people live in the country, while only 5,000 live on Principe. Principe is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has the two best hotels in the country, stunning beaches like Banana Beach, and is said to be (almost) malaria-free as one of the only places in that part of the world. It is difficult to get by only with English, but that is also part of the world. With only a few tourists, it is one of the few stunning places off the beaten path.

On Principe, the best hotel is Roca Belo Monte Hotel, a great well-run place to stay near Banana Beach.

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4. Socotra Island

Another little-known island, but this one is not one to visit at the moment. Yemen is dangerous and almost impossible to visit recently, but hopefully, it will be stable someday as it is a truly fascinating country.

Socotra Island is a safe island in the Indian Ocean, far away from the dangers of mainland Yemen. Incredible beaches like in the Maldives, but on Socotra, there were just a few tourists and I could have it all to myself. Unique dragon blood trees and stunning nature make it one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Socotra is the only destination on the list without a great place to stay. You are limited to basic accommodation. I would prefer being in a tent on the beach, rather than a bad hotel.

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5. Italy

I will finish the list with one of the most traveled countries in the world.

I have spent months in Italy and keep coming back because there is enough to experience for a whole lifetime. Besides visiting sites, I love experiencing new fantastic restaurants, but I also enjoy finding hotels and restaurants with extraordinary value, like Palazzo Seneca in Norcia.

Italy is full of great hotels. I like staying in countryside hotels with excellent food. Borgo Santo Pietro and Il Pellicano are highly recommended.

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I could have added more places off the beaten path like Saba Island in the Caribbean, the Faroe Islands, Vanuatu, Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic), Rwanda, Namibia, or Rodrigues Island (a little-known island owned by Mauritius).

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