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Top 2019 Destinations to Visit for Your Next Birthday

Whether you're turning 21 or 71, birthday trips never go out of style. Check out the top places to visit based on your age!

Where to Go for a Birthday Trip

Looking for birthday destinations to visit in your 20s? 30s? 70s?! We have you covered.

Vegas is the place to be when you’re 21, but places like Maui and Phoenix will take the cake in your 40s. We put together lists highlighting the top 5 trip ideas for those celebrating birthdays of all ages (broken down into age groups rather than individual years).

Birthday Trip Ideas for Those in Their 20s

Oh, to be young.

When celebrating a birthday in your twenties, there are a few destinations that rise above the rest. They are…

New York City

The city that never sleeps is the perfect spot to expend the youthful energy of your 20s, celebrating another year of fun and adventure!


Some prefer the sand and surf to the bustling sprawl of a New-York-Style urban setting. If that’s the case, head to Miami.

New Orleans or Nashville

Do you really dig live music, hanging out with people your own age, and really cool bar scenes? You need to celebrate your birthday in New Orleans or Nashville.

Las Vegas

The king of 21st birthday celebrations, if you like to gamble and go clubbing, Vegas is where it’s at. 

Each city listed offers something different as far as birthday getaways are concerned, but trust us when we say that you cannot go wrong by celebrating another year being twenty-something in any of the five cities listed above.

Birthday Getaway Ideas for 30-Somethings

Congratulations! You can no longer claim youthful ignorance to justify poor life decisions. After all, you are in your 30s now, and the things that once thrilled your twenty-year-old self have likely given way to being a full-blown adult.

But just because you’re older now and plagued by a wealth of responsibility, that doesn’t mean you can’t take an epic birthday vacation. The only question is: where should you go?

All of the best birthday vacations start with a few good friends. Round them up, gather their input and see what everyone has in mind.

Here are our top-five birthday getaway ideas for 30-somethings:


Aspen offers a wealth of relaxation in a gorgeous mountain-side setting. Filled with amazing spas, posh restaurants and boutique shopping, there is something for everyone in Colorado.

San Francisco

As for San Francisco, well, we love it for its diversity, and there is always something exciting going on.


Seattle is dope, too, just make sure to do some research if you’ve never been. There is a lot going on in Seattle throughout the year, so plan ahead to get the most out of your trip.


Charleston is an amazing city to visit for many reasons, and this is particularly true if planning a birthday getaway. Beaches are close, the culture runs deep, the food is amazing and the people are about as friendly as you can find.

Key West

Last but not least there’s Key West. This is a great place to take a birthday vacation in your 30s because you can relax if you want or party like you’re 20 all over again.

Best Birthday Vacations for 40-year-olds

Stressed about your 40s? There are places you can go to just take it easy and relax for a while. Where are those places, you ask? Great question. Check out the five recommendations below that highlight amazing birthday vacation ideas for those in their forties.


We love Hawaii as a birthday vacation destination for 40-somethings because of its pristine setting and relaxed vibes.


The same is true for Negril. Beautiful views and a chill atmosphere will have you perfectly celebrating your 40s.


Phoenix is chill as well and littered with amazing golf courses, great restaurants, and unbelievable resorts/spas.


As for Burlington, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It’s gorgeous, relaxing, and full of cool things to do like winery tours, skiing, shopping, live music and a whole heck of a lot more!


Anchorage is on this list because, well, let’s face it, you’ve never been to Alaska and time is running out. Do it now and while you still have some energy left to truly enjoy it.

Best Places to Celebrate 50th Birthdays

If you’ve made it this far, good for you! Fifty-plus years is something to be proud of, now go celebrate with your friends in a city you love or have always wanted to visit. Where should you go? How about…


Perfect for leisurely strolls and seeing the bucket-list items like Big Ben, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and so many more.


Perfect for foodies and fine-wine lovers, Paris is the perfect place for a relaxing vacation full of food, art, and culture in your 50s. 


Even if you visited Rome when you were younger, it’s worth the return visit in your 50s to truly appreciate the depth of history. Besides, it’s always fun to see how the world’s most famous cities change (and the ways they stay the same) over the years.


Relaxing boat tours on the canal, shopping galore, an up-and-coming food scene, visits to the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank house… there’s plenty of beauty in Amsterdam to fill a vacation in your 50s.


We love Dublin for its pubs and restaurants, but in your 50s you can begin to dive deeper into the culture of this famous Irish capital. River dancing shows and visits to the Cliffs of Moher should top your list.

Where you go is entirely up to you, but the five cities listed above are great places to start. Just make sure to plan this little birthday getaway of yours in advance. You’ll want to hit the ground running when you arrive because who knows if you will ever get another chance to go back.

Top Birthday Vacation Ideas for Those in Their Sixties

Holy cow! Where has the time gone? Let’s embrace the present and celebrate our 60’s in style! Here are the five best birthday getaway ideas for people in their sixties.

Napa Valley

Napa is a great place to spend some time relaxing and sipping wine.

Palm Beach, Florida

Alternatively, if you love warm weather, nice spas and endless options for golf, head to Palm Beach, Florida. There’s a reason why so many people retire there.

Lake Tahoe

As for Lake Tahoe, we think you’ll enjoy the scenery, the action and the relaxation. Tahoe is great for skiing in the winter or boating/golfing/hiking in the summer!

Las Vegas

Beyond clubs and gambling, Vegas is home to some of the best exhibitions and shows in the world. 


As far as Boston is concerned, it is one of the best walking cities in the country, so get out of your hotel and go explore a little.

Birthday Trip Ideas for Those Who Are 70+

By your 70s, you’ve earned the right to travel wherever the heck you want, and we think you should do just that. If you still have an adventurous itch, why not consider doing something that scares you, like skydiving!

Alternatively, we’re sure that there are at least a few destinations left on your travel bucket list, so pick one of those and go have the time of your life!

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Remember, folks, age ain’t nothin’ but a number. Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you need to stop traveling. In fact, we encourage people of all ages to travel as often as they can. After all, life is short, and for all we know, you only get one crack at it.

All you need to do is grab a few friends, book a cheap plane ticket via Skyscanner, and ride off into the sunset.

OK – That is all the time we have today. Travel safe, everyone, and please take care of each other along the way.