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California Road Trip – Cruising the Golden State

Head to California and travel the coast in one epic road trip. Start your search for the perfect ride and check out our favorite California locations.

Why Road Trip In Cali?

First of all, I’m going going, back back, to Cali Cali because it’s ridiculously fun and there are endless things to see and do. From the coolest ice cream shops to the snuggest Inns, and famous sites, California makes for one memorable road trip. Spanning 815 miles starting from Mt. Shasta and ending in San Diego here is a list of all the best and notable spots. 

Mt. Shasta

It feels like there are endless activities in Mt. Shasta, California. If you’re looking for something more laid back then you could check out Mt. Shasta Sisson Musem or if you really want to nerd out – there are bird watching tours that you can sign up for.

On the other side of the spectrum, you can go caving, skiing, or adventure towards the waterfalls. The Lake Shasta Cavern Tour is really exciting because it’s like three different excursions at once. You start off by taking a catamaran across the lake, and then a bus treks you up the mountainside until you arrive at the mesmerizing cave. This is a family-friendly adventure!  

Mt. Shasta Brewing Co. 

Seasonal beers, anyone? This brewery offers one of kind, uniquely named beers that are brewed right in house. Skip and Go Naked, Sour Diesel, and Extra-Terrestrial Weed are just a few examples of what you’ll find on the menu. You can take the Weed Ales Brewery Tour and see their set up, grab yourself a brew and then sit down for a charcuterie board or pizza – this place really prides itself on options.

Gilden Lodge

If I ever wanted to call somewhere home for the weekend, this would be it. This log cabin style lodge is nestled on two acres of land and has impressive views of the mountains. Its’ got four bedrooms, a home theater, bar, and access to lakes and golf courses. It books out pretty far in advance so if you’re planning on staying here, don’t sleep on it! (Pun intended.)


I bet when most people think of Napa, California, the first thing that comes to mind is wine. Although there are some excellent vineyards located in Napa (i.e. St. Supéry Estate Vineyards & Winery) there is also a lot more to the city. Observe the city from above the treeline in a hot air balloon, stroll through the outdoor gardens, or kayak the Napa River.

If the wine is what’s drawing you to Napa there are tons of wine tasting rooms in the valley but I’d recommend Clif Family Winery, mainly because they have a Bruschetteria food truck and that’s just too intriguing to pass up.

The Restaurant at Meadowood

If you’re looking for that picture perfect dish then look no further because you’ll find it at The Restaurant at Meadowood. Each dish is an artwork, the food is carefully crafted from the time it’s growing in their gardens to the time its placed in front of you.

This restaurant focuses on growing fresh organic foods and sustainable farming methods from growers nearby. I have to be transparent and let you know this will be one costly meal, like $600 a person costly, but if you’re a major foodie and want the experience of a fine dining establishment and critically acclaimed dishes then put this stop on your list.

Maison Fleurie

Honestly, this place is just so inviting and charming. Its got a country living vibe and a pool out back. There are gardens on site and shops within walking distance. Breakfast in bed is included in your stay and prices range from $250 to $390. The Inn offers afternoon wine and hors d’ oeuvres as well as fresh cookies, tea, and sodas. It’s pretty clear Maison Fleurie is all about hospitality.

San Francisco

Hipsters, Paesani and Semaphore Hill, oh my! That’s actually a guided tour through North Beach where you explore the winding staircases and hills that hide cultural traditions from Italian immigrants to free-spirited Beats. There’s actually a lot of reasons to visit San Fran – street art and murals, fairs, and of course the two biggest draws which are the Golden Gate Bridge and the Full House street. Rent a car and hit all the hotspots during a weekend getaway.


I got a sugar high just by looking at their dessert menu, not kidding. Have you ever had an ice-cream stuffed doughnut topped with cereal, melted marshmallow, and candy crumbles? Because that’s what you’ll get at Milkbomb. Their unique ice cream flavors include horchata and red bean. They also have specialty cones and toppings.

The Inn Above Tide

The Inn Above Tide is perched right on San Franciso Bay. Its got an intimate feel and look. Each room has views of the water; the rooms are elegant and modern. The attention to detail that went into this place is very noticeable and the included amenities are a nice touch. Continental breakfast, an evening wine and cheese reception, and a private deck are just a few. The surrounding shops and activities are also what makes this a special place to stay.

Los Angeles

Yeah, it’s The Hollywood Sign Place – but there is more to L.A. than that. You got the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood within driving distance, and Rodeo Drive; this city is full of amusement and animated sites. Attend a comedy show, watch a ball game at Dodger Stadium, or do the Paramount Pictures Studio tour. Museums, concert halls, parks, and beaches, Los Angeles has something to do or see in every little nook. 

Hollywood sign
The Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, CA


I could gush about the bento boxes at Hayato all day, but I’ll just spout off for a minute. They’re almost too cute to eat, they come in a little wooden box packed full of unique foods and flavors. Hayota is all about true Japanese cooking and style. Each box is prepared with 16 components and is available for pre-order and pickup. Coolie hats off to this chef!

The LINE Hotel

Located inside a historic church, this hotels’ chic walls are covered in artwork from local female artists. There is a radio show that is actually broadcasted in the lobby, so this is a pretty uncommon place to rest your head. There are four restaurants, two bars, and a fitness center packed into this place. If this alines with your interests, then grab a room and get comfy.

San Diego

It’s almost absurd how much there actually is to do in San Diego. Entertainment is galore. You have Belmont Park – a small amusement park, the San Diego Zoo, secret bars, coves, and beaches, farmers markets, and restaurants everywhere. Plus, the weather is almost perfect every day. It’s a little slice of paradise in one big city.

Better Buzz

Who wants a cup o joe? Get one at Better Buzz, their shop is different and delightful. Take your camera because the espresso isn’t the only thing you’ll want to take a shot of. The butterfly matcha and peanut butter maple latte are two menu items that are a must-try. Their handcrafted drinks and sandwiches will have you buzzing all about this place.

California Cruisin’

Picture this – you’re in the mountains sliding down the slopes on Monday and then zipping through the streets in San Diego by Saturday. This Cali road trip is packed with fun activities, tours, and scenic routes. If you’re traveling by bus, car, train, or plane, I guarantee that every moment is filled with adventure and equally as much relaxation.