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Car Rental Promo Codes

Learn how to find car rental promo codes so you can book an inexpensive car rental when planning for your next trip. Read on for information about how to locate car rental promo codes and how you can benefit from them.

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Top Car Rental Brands in the U.S. and Abroad

Top Tips to Find Car Rental Promo Codes

  1. Be in the know! We’ll tell you how to find the latest car rental promo codes so you can save on your next vacation. First, bookmark this page and check back to find the latest published promo codes (scroll down to see the most recent).
  2. Another great way to discover new promo codes for car rentals is to search the web. Use a search term like “car rental promo codes” in your favorite search tool, like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.
  3. Promo codes for car rentals can also be found on coupon websites like RetailMeNot, Groupon, Business Insider Coupons, and even on the car rental company’s website. If you are a loyal customer of a particular rental company, you may also see promo codes appear in an email newsletter or promoted on the brand’s social media pages.
  4. You may also discover that exclusive car rental promo codes are available to members of organizations you belong to. This can include the university you attended, AAA, a club you belong to, your place of employment, or any other group where you hold membership. Check your member website or ask a staff member (or your HR team!) if there are any exclusive promo codes or deals for insiders like you.

Current Car Rental Promo Codes

Car Rental CompanyPromo CodeDetails*
AvisMUWA147 $15 Off $125 Base Rate Spend
AvisUUWA036 Complimentary Car Rental Upgrade
Budgettucz013Free Day on Weekend Rental
Sixtsixtw5v20% Off Base Rate Spend

*Promo codes are valid as of June 5, 2019, but may not always be available.

Using Car Rental Promo Codes on Skyscanner

Applying a rental car promo code is easy! Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Start your search on Skyscanner as usual.
  2. Select a car to reserve according to the size and features you prefer.
  3. After clicking to reserve the car, you will be presented with options for different providers. After choosing one, you will be redirected to that site to apply your promo code, and you can complete your booking there.

Quick Facts on Car Rental Promo Codes

  • You typically can’t apply more than 1 promo code per reservation, so test out a few to see which provides the lowest final cost and select the one that suits your needs – it may be a free model upgrade or a flat-fee discount depending on your trip
  • If you can’t find a promo code that suits your needs, don’t be afraid to call the rental company and ask politely if they have any active codes that you can use
  • It pays to be a repeat customer – if you use a particular company often, that loyalty will give you more leverage when you request a promo code from a customer service rep
  • In ecommerce, Tuesdays and Fridays offer the best discounts. These are also good days to check for travel deals, including newly release promo codes
  • If you’re signed into a rental car website and begin the reservation process, but then leave the site without finishing your booking, you may end up getting a follow-up email with a discount. These abandoned cart emails are set up to win your business by bringing you back with a secondary discount. You may be able to use it in addition to the promo code you want to apply. Just keep an eye on your email after you leave the site – the email should show up within a couple hours max.
  • Some people also swear by last-minute rentals. Even if you have a car on hold, check in again in the weeks leading up to your trip to see if the base price has dropped (as long as you didn’t pre-pay and can cancel without incurring a fee). If the price has dropped, go through the booking process with a new promo code to see if you can score an even better deal.
  • Sometimes, retailers will hide coupon codes based on your browsing history. Clear your cookies or cache, or use a private or incognito window to search for coupon codes and you may end up revealing a few you hadn’t seen before.

Getting a discount on a rental car is a great way to cut costs for an upcoming trip. Promo codes for car rentals may be in the form of a discount off the base price (before taxes, fees, insurance, and other inclusions are added to the total) or a flat-fee discount (like $100 off a $100+ base spend).

To apply a promo code, you’ll want to either copy and paste, or type the code directly into the code field on the car rental company’s website. Some codes are case-sensitive, so sure to use capital and lowercase letters where appropriate.

Codes do expire, so even if the one you try to use first doesn’t work, you can try again with a new code. For the most part, you cannot apply more than one promo code. Select the one that will offer the largest discount and use that for your booking.

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